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Garden Dental and Orthodontics Commits to Maintaining That Perfect Smile


Spruce Grove, AB -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2019 -- Founded in the year 1993 by Dr. Peter Ahpin, Garden Dental and Orthodontic Clinic is located in the heart of Spruce Grove, Alberta and works to provide customized care for each patient in a family-friendly and caring atmosphere, allowing patients to obtain their perfect smile and optimize oral health. Dental and Orthodontic performs smile assessments with the iTero 3D scanner digital smile photography. Dental insurance plans are accepted, and payment plans are also available. Walk-in and emergency patients are welcome six days/week. The company operates from 8 AM–5 PM on weekdays except for Thursday where operations run from 11 AM-8 PM; on weekends, the company remains closed.

"Getting braces at Garden Dental and Orthodontics dental clinic is very affordable. The clinic understands that this is an important investment to receive the treatment required when it is needed most. Dental and Orthodontic offers flexible financing options, and the clinic works with the patients to find the payment plan that fits within their budgets," said the company's spokesperson.

The Spruce Grove dental offices offer dental implants, dental crowns, tooth extraction and orthodontics services respectively. Garden Dental and Orthodontics offers upfront and all-inclusive pricing with no hidden charges. The clinic offers interest-free payment plans from as low as $50/week with a $500 down payment. No credit check required. Braces and Invisalign start from $3,888. There is free consultation and no referral is needed. The company has lots of affordable dental treatment options for patients to select the most suitable plan.

"Garden Dental and Orthodontics always strives to save the tooth and restore it to its former shape and function, but this is not always possible, and extractions are necessary for teeth that are too loose or those that are damaged. Some of the instances when the clinic recommends dental extraction include instances of trauma, extensive decay that has reached the center of the tooth, insufficient room in the mouth for all teeth to develop, and infection causing damage to the surrounding bone. Other treatments are undertaken to reduce crowding and to create space for the teeth to move with orthodontic treatment, impacted wisdom teeth, painful, decayed, or infected wisdom teeth," said the company's spokesperson.

Garden Dental and Orthodontics offers wisdom tooth extraction costs that are reasonable. Anyone can call the clinic to inquire about dental extraction cost. The clinic offers two types of dental extractions to patients in Spruce Grove, Alberta, and the neighboring Stony Plain and Parkland areas. These are simple extractions where a tooth is loosened and removed with forceps after administering a local anesthetic. Another is the surgical removal only required when the tooth has not emerged yet, has broken off at the gum line, or has significantly large roots. Local anesthetic and general anesthetic are usually necessary with surgical extractions. Both procedures are painless, though one may experience some pressure or pulling as the tooth comes off.

About Garden Dental and Orthodontics
Garden Dental and Orthodontics has been offering general dentistry, custom dentistry as well as orthodontics to over 9187 patients for over 23 years. The professional health workers who treat teeth related ailments at Garden Dental and Orthodontics have 1700 hours of dentistry practice backing them. One of the clinic's friendly and informed team members is looking forward to helping anyone with any questions or concerns.

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