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Garden Dental & Orthodontics Is Providing Tooth Extraction and General Dentistry Services in Spruce Grove


Spruce Grove, AB -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2019 -- Garden Dental & Orthodontics is a family dental clinic that is strategically located at McLeod Ave & King St across Columbus Park, making it easily accessible to everyone in Spruce Grove, Alberta. The team of dental care professionals headed by Dr. Suzanne Cziraki, Dr. Dorota Szula, and Dr. Tim Barter are passionate about their duties and are ever at hand to listen and offer the best solutions. Besides having seasoned dentists on-board, Garden Dental & Orthodontics has managed to stand out in the industry through their affordable pricing as they seek to make quality backed dental care, a basic necessity for everyone.

Talking about how they are able to offer such quality backed services at affordable rates, the clinic's spokesperson commented, "Many people associate specialized dental care with huge bills, but that is not the case at Garden Dental & Orthodontics. We have taken the path less traveled by making it our primary focus to adhere to the Alberta Dental Fee Guide that recommends a reduction in patient fees. While it is not mandatory to follow this guide, we adhere to it, so you never have to be held back from getting quality backed dental care because of financial restraints."

The primary aim of the team at Garden Dental & Orthodontics is always to strive and save the tooth unless the last solution is to have it extracted. There have been instances when wisdom teeth become too loose, decayed, or had insufficient room to develop that necessitated extraction. Clients caught up in such scenarios and wanting to know the wisdom teeth removal cost can book an appointment at Garden Dental & Orthodontics and have a tailored quote after a professional examination.

Speaking about the common signs of orthodontic problems that must never be ignored, the clinic's spokesperson said, "It is always expensive and more complicated for orthodontic intervention to occur once facial development is complete and a primary reason why we recommend professional care at early stages. There are behaviors in your child that show potential orthodontic problems such as crooked & misplaced teeth, teeth wearing unevenly, jaws sticking in or out too much, early growth or baby teeth, and hard time speaking."

The high levels of integrity and transparency that is maintained at Garden Dental & Orthodontics make the service provider the go-to Spruce Grove dental clinic. Every patient at the clinic is given maximum attention, and the team will go to all lengths to ensure everyone is comfortable throughout their session. Garden Dental & Orthodontics has created a friendly environment that suits both adults and children, as such; all families that visit the clinic are assured of top of the line services that will make them long-term clients. 

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Garden Dental & Orthodontics is giving the whole family a full range of dental services in Spruce Grove, Alberta that are handled by professional dentists with 23 plus years in practice and are offered at affordable prices.

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