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Garden Design by Nathan Burkett Provides Therapeutic Benefits


Brentford Square, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/29/2015 -- The results of professional garden design can have distinctly therapeutic benefits and Nathan Burkett Design has experience in multiple types of gardens in a host of locations. Burkett is an award-winning landscape designer specialising in innovative and timeless gardens utilizing intelligent design.

Burkett has extensive experience with gardens for venues ranging from estates to commercial venues. He offers consultations to ascertain client needs and provides garden design, creation and maintenance programs. He maintains a network of professionals to provide irrigation systems, walkways, and decorative features and lighting. Swimming pools, structures and unique surfaces can all be incorporated into designs.

The firm is well-known for low-maintenance designs that require little care and are environmentally friendly. Gardens are becoming an increasingly important feature in many commercial venues. Research has shown that employees with access to even a small oasis of greenery demonstrate improved memory, less stress and greater productivity.

A therapeutic garden improves social interaction and empathy, while offering opportunities for increased physical activity for health. In today's hectic world, many individuals arrive or depart work in a fog and colorful, highly visible plantings can improve safety. Employees with access to a garden in the workplace are more eager to come to work and associate the workplace with a higher quality of life.

Garden design is equally beneficial for estates, residential areas and municipalities. They provide a welcoming place to return to, improve property values, and have a soothing effect on the psyche. Depending upon the needs, intent and requirements of the client, gardens can encompass those for flowers and herbs, along with fruits and vegetables.

Container and raised gardens offer interesting alternatives that are scalable for large and small spaces. Gardens don't have to be huge to be beneficial. Garden design can be utilized to attract birds and butterflies, conserve native and endangered species, or provide healthy snacks for the office. Rooftop, rock, wall and water gardens are other possibilities.

About Garden Design By Nathan Burkett
Garden design by Nathan Burkett provides clients with gardens that are aesthetically pleasing, increase property values, and has a therapeutic impact on the people around them. A garden is an investment that pays multiple dividends in terms of stress reduction and more productive employees.

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