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Garden Design in Melbourne Offers Unique Solutions and Scalable Options


Brentford Square, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2015 -- Garden design in Melbourne requires an extensive knowledge of plants, their textures and optimal growing conditions, along with a keen sense of spatial aptitude and creativity. Designing an aesthetically pleasing landscape requires three dimensional thinking and the ability to translate colors, scents and form into a universal whole, all areas in which Nathan Burkett Design excels.

Burkett provides clients with consultations to construct living artwork in residential, estate, commercial and public venues. The award-winning garden design architect specialises in gardens that utilize intelligent design and low-maintenance options that are environmentally friendly.

The firm brings client visions to vibrant life and the firm maintains a network of professionals skilled in multiple fields to create walkways, irrigation systems and maintenance programs. Unique surfaces, decorative features, lighting options and swimming pools can all be coordinated and incorporated into designs.

Burkett offers scalable Melbourne garden design opportunities and works with rock, wall, rooftop and water gardens, along with containers and raised beds when appropriate. He's experienced with gardens created to protect endangered species, attract butterflies and birds, promote employee productivity, and provide a welcoming presence at home, commercial enterprises and parks.

Anyone can put a plant in the ground, but large-scale plantings require careful planning to ensure each element works in conjunction with others to create a seamless whole. All plants aren't suited for the same environments and an extensive knowledge of horticulture is required.

Gardens that incorporate aquatic elements are attractive and can be therapeutic, but they need special consideration to prevent stagnation, the proliferation of insect pests, and the ability to evolve naturally over time, all of which are particularly important in garden design Melbourne.

An exacting attention to detail by Nathan Burkett Design results in gardens that make a unique statement and reflect the lifestyle and purposing of the location. Professional garden design increases property value with plantings that are functional and beautiful.

Garden design in Melbourne has particular challenges that Nathan Burkett Design meets every day. Intelligent design requires innovative thinking and solutions that address spaces of all sizes and awkward shapes that compliments the surrounding architecture and surroundings.

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