Joe Bragg Releases Series of Lawn Mower Reviews to Help Anyone Find the Perfect Mower


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2013 -- Finding the right lawn mower can be difficult. There are dozens of different lawn mower manufacturers on the market today, and at first glance, all of these mowers may seem to be the same. However, with a little bit of research, even the most novice lawn mower buyer can find the perfect mower for their needs. wants to be the website consumers turn to when they look for information on lawn mowers. At, visitors will find a wide selection of lawn mower reviews, rankings, and comparisons. The website is designed to help anybody find the right lawn mower for their needs. was created by a gardener and father named Frank Lowery. Frank spends countless hours taking care of his garden and never gets tired of spending time in his backyard. is designed to share Frank’s gardening wisdom with visitors.

Frank explains how anyone can use the site to find the perfect lawn mower:

“At my site, visitors will find a number of different lawn mower buying guides, including guides for buying riding mowers, walk-behind mowers, and gas lawn mowers. After learning about buying a specific type of lawn mower, I encourage visitors to browse through our specific product reviews. Our product reviews page highlights some of the best lawn mowers on the market today, including top products from Husqvarna, Stanley, and Swisher.”

Each lawn mower review ranks the mower on a five star system. Ranking points include:

-Ease of assembly
-Balance and handling
-Cut quality

Lawn mower reviews reveal a wealth of information about each specific lawn mower. In each review, Frank discusses the pros and cons of that specific lawn mower before comparing that mower to other similar lawn mowers. In addition to the points of comparison listed above, Frank compares lawn mowers based on the size of the gas tank, height adjustment settings, wheel size, cutting swath, weight, and more.

Above all, Frank encourages visitors to read through multiple reviews before settling on a lawn mower:

“It’s easy to walk into any local department store and pick up the first cheap lawn mower seen. However, ordering lawn mowers online is an easy way to save money while enjoying a greater number of shopping options. We encourage our visitors to spend some time researching different lawn mower options before settling on one that is right for their needs.”

About is a gardening guide and review website run by experienced father and gardener Frank Lowery. recently revealed a number of detailed lawn mower reviews and shopping guides for all different types of lawn mowers. For more information, please visit: