Green Tree Services, Garden and Landscape Reports Heavy Winds Left Behind Downed Tree Limbs

Expert tree care helps to prevent downed trees and tree limbs while minimizing property damage, announces Green Tree Services, Garden and Landscape


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2015 -- Blustery winds recently swept through San Diego, leaving behind downed palm fronds along with tree limbs. In addition, many drivers encountered hazardous conditions, some of which may have been caused by debris from these trees. Home and business owners in the area need to ensure their trees are properly cared for at all times, to prevent damage from downed limbs. With the help of Green Tree Services, Garden and Landscape ( this task becomes much easier.

"Although the weather cannot be controlled and tree limbs may come down even with Professional Tree Care, every property owner in and around San Diego should do their part to prevent accidents and injuries resulting from tree limbs and trees. For some, tree topping is needed to prevent breakage, yet others find they need to have one or more trees removed from their yard due to disease. Regardless of what problem a home or business owner is facing Green Tree Services, Garden and Landscape can be of help," Gary, spokesperson for Green Tree Services, Garden and Landscape, states.

In the event the tree causes damage to a structure covered by an insurance policy, the insurance carrier may pay for removal of the tree, saving policy holders time and money. If this isn't the case, the tree and/or limbs must still be removed and the home or business owner becomes responsible for this task. Paying for this clean up and removal process may not be at the top of the owner's priority list following a storm.

"Green Tree Services, Garden and Landscape understands many property owners don't have money for cosmetic repairs, such as tree clean up services. The cost of this service may be less than many imagine, however. Visit the website to request a free quote, making use of the easy online form to do so. The company understands the need for privacy and never shares this information with third parties," Gary continues.

For some, trees aren't the issue, but their landscape is lacking in one or more ways. In addition to offering Expert Tree services San Diego, Green Tree Services, Garden and Landscape works with clients wishing to boost the curb appeal of their yard. The Mediterranean climate provides mild, sunny weather all year long, enabling residents to spend more time in the great outdoors enjoying the beauty of their landscape.

"The company works with clients to create the perfect haven in their yard. This involves planning the garden design and then implementing this plan, all while remaining within the client's budget. With many garden design ideas to help clients get started, the process becomes a simple one that any property owner can complete with the help of the experienced staff at Green Tree Services, Garden and Landscape. Request the free quote today to get the process started of turning any yard into a dream landscape," Gary declares.

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