Garrett Carrara Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Raise Funds for Developing the "iHeartNote App - The Art of Appreciation"

iHeartNote - The Art of Appreciation. Show someone how much they are appreciated by sending them an iHeartNote.


Alpharetta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/14/2014 -- iHeartNote is all about Appreciation. Appreciation is all about understanding. When people show their appreciation to someone, they are not only thanking them, but they're also telling them that they understand what they have done. 

When someone uses iHeartNote to send a note of appreciation to those they love, it can be more of an intimate statement – direct, and one-to-one. It will have all the popular social media connections as well. The creators intend to add a variety of innovative features to iHeartNote which will actually help users to increase their expression of appreciation. iHeartNote will help them choose the perfect words to show their love and appreciation, and will have a gamification-type of interface, to encourage users to show more appreciation.

At first glance, iHeartNote might seem like just another app but it's functionally and philosophically different. Garrett Carrara and team are bringing all of their creativity to this project, and they will be providing updates as they add new features. One of the features is the ability to place a photo of anything users want in the lower heart of the logo. This will allow them to make an I Heart image. iHeartNote is a new way to filter photos, publish photos, and participate in Social Media. One of the ideas on the team’s wish list is to be able to take that image, and have it printed on t-shirts, coffee cups, iPhone cases, greeting cards and more, straight from the phone.

The iHeartNote Kickstarter project is also the first project to guarantee rewards, even if not funded, and will also deliver the rewards real-time during the Kickstarter campaign.

This project will only be funded if at least $52,700 is pledged by Mon, Mar 10 2014 11:32 PM +05:30.

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