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Gas Access Campaign Calls for Landlord Gas and Boiler Safety Checks


Sunbury-on-Thames, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/24/2015 -- The Gas Access Campaign will meet with members of the government to discuss potential changes to legislation which could see stronger gas safety precautions being taken by landlords. At present, the laws do not require any stringent precautions but this could be changed as a result of the upcoming meeting. The campaigners are calling for landlords to be liable for annual statutory gas safety checks and MOT style checks on boilers within homes. If successful, the campaign could improve lives for millions who live under private landlords as tenants.

The news comes in the wake of calls by the government for monitoring of the public's gas and heating appliances for fear of carbon monoxide poisoning. And under-heating is a considerable problem for many of the elderly across the country. In this vein, it seems that the campaign could improve lives, and health too if it is successful.

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South Thames Plumbing and Heating are leaders in central heating, boiler, kitchen and bathroom installations. They also pride themselves on their repair work and exceptional customer service. As regular commentators on industry news, a spokesperson had this to say, 'We think the campaign is fantastic and it is something that we have been working towards with our clients too by always advising them to ensure that their appliances are safe to use. It is so crucial, in a country with weather like our own, that heating and plumbing fixtures are in top quality condition. The health effects of a faulty appliance can be catastrophic and fatal and it is always better to be safe than sorry in this regard. Although the provisions of the campaign are not in place yet, we advise everyone to have their gas and boiler appliances professionally fitted and repaired if needed. We are always available for the purposes of discussion and welcome any enquiries in this area.'

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