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Gas Demand Continues to Decline in Australia, DuctedAirPerth.com.au Reports

Ducted Air Perth announces householders continue to make decisions that move them away from the gas grid


Perth, Western Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2015 -- Ducted Air Perth reports householders are moving away from the gas grid in an effort to save money. Gas is quickly becoming a secondary source for their home energy needs, due in part to rising costs. Gas demand peaked back in 2012, and many experts now believe the call for gas may halve by 2025. Space-heating offers an alternative to costly gas powered devices, and a modern reverse cycle air conditioner can operate at approximately one-third the cost of a similar device powered by gas.

"One benefit often overlooked by householders when it comes to their residential air conditioning (http://www.ductedairperth.com.au/residential-air-conditioning-perth/) is reverse cycle units heat by largely renewable methods. This type of unit recovers more renewable energy than all solar photovoltaic installations on rooftops. Individuals concerned about their impact on the environment are sure to appreciate this," Mike King, general manager for Ducted Air Perth, announces.

According to The Conversation, reverse cycle air conditioners operate at efficiencies of up to 600 percent, using a small amount of electricity purchased by the consumer to obtain free heat that is renewable from outside air. Ducted gas heating works in reverse and operates at efficiencies of less than 50 percent. Individuals need to take this information into account when choosing a new heating and/or air conditioning system for the home.

"Many homeowners look at initial cost only when purchasing a unit of this type. Doing so could be costly over the long run, as ducted reverse cycle air conditioning units help homeowners save each month. The goal is to find a unit that produces savings over the life of the unit, rather than just at the time of purchase. Actron air conditioning units provide these savings," King continues.

Actron Air (http://www.ductedairperth.com.au/actron-air-perth) manufactures units designed specifically for the Australian climate. Units produced by this company are known for their exceptional reliability and efficiency, and individuals have the option of setting different temperatures for different rooms. This feature allows for additional savings on a homeowner's energy bills.

"It is estimated homeowners will save up to $900 a year when they make the switch to an Actron Air System. Users receive the option of controlling individual room temperatures, system temperature, mode and fan speed through their smart phone or anywhere an Internet connection is available. This is just one of many reasons homeowners across the country are turning to Actron for their new home heating and/or cooling system," King explains.

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