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Gas Detection System Market: Rising Safety Concerning Industrial Well as Commercial Spaces Driving the Growth of Gas Detection System Market

Gas detectors work by signifying high level of gases through a series of audible or visible indicators like alarms. The gas detector system consist of a sensor and an alarm.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2015 -- Gas Detection system is a combination of equipment or machines that detect, measure and indicate the concentration of certain gases in the air via different technologies. They are usually engaged to avoid toxic exposure and fire. Gas detectors are usually battery operated devices and are found in commercial spaces for safety purpose.

Gas detectors work by signifying high level of gases through a series of audible or visible indicators like alarms. The gas detector system consist of a sensor and an alarm. The sensor responses serves as a reference point or a scale. When the sensor response exceed a particular level which is already set, the alarm gets triggered to caution the user. All gas detecting system serves the similar objective however while making a purchase one must consider the sensor technology used.

Rising safety concerning Industrial well as commercial spaces is the major driver for gas detection systems. Additionally tremendous infrastructure development undertaken by developing economies like India, Middle East and Brazil will also drive the growth in future. Developing nations in Middle East like KSA and UAE have undertaken high infrastructure development activities to shift their economic focus to reduce their dependence on oil. This in turn will result in high demand for gas detection system as there will be new commercial spaces during the upcoming years.

Global gas detection system market can be segmented on the basis of end use ie


Gas detectors are also used on welding shops to detect combustibles and toxins, nuclear plant is also a major consumer of gas detector system.

Whenever toxic or combustible gases are a part of industrial process or a byproduct of it they pose a threat to people and surroundings. Industrial segment can further be divided as

Oil and Gas
Specialty chemicals
Industrial Refrigeration
Water and Wastewater treatment
Plastics and Fibers
Pulp and printing
Other Industrial Processes

Another segmentation for Gas detection system is on the basis of technologies used which normally include

Catalytic sensors – Used to detect combustible gases like hydrocarbon and works via catalytic oxidation
Infrared Sensors OR IR Detectors- Works via system of transmitters and receivers to detect combustible gases like hydrocarbon vapors

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This market can further be divided on the basis of region which include North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, APAC, and Middle & Africa. APAC and Middle East is anticipated to be the most lucrative market for gas detection system due to increasing industrialization and commercial activities. Growing countries like India, UAE and KSA are heavily investing in commercial and industrial infrastructure to gain economy.

Gas detector systems can also be segmented on the basis of portability which include
Portable detectors- Used t monitor the atmosphere around personnel and are usually battery operated
Fixed type gas detectors- They are mounted near the process area of plant
Key players identified in global gas detection syetms market include Honeywell Analystics, Sierra Monitor Corporation, General Monitors, RKI Instruments, TRITECH, Monicon Technologies, Gastronics Inc. and OLDHAM

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