Gas Shortage After Hurricane Sandy Sold Many Consumers on the Value of EXTRA FUEL

Demand for New Safe-to-Store Gas Substitute Soars


Chestnut Ridge, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/25/2013 -- EXTRA FUEL®, the world’s first and only patented non-flammable gasoline substitute proved its significant value during the recent gas shortage in the wake of hurricane Sandy. With extensive power outages in the New York and New Jersey areas, many gas stations simply couldn’t pump the gas they had. Gas deliveries also had trouble getting through the closed, flooded, and tree-blocked roadways.

As a result, there were long lines and long waits (up to five hours) at the gas stations that were still able to operate. Many drivers had to make sure they had enough gas available to cover their intended driving distance – and many anxiously drove their vehicles with their gas gauge needle more precariously close to “empty” than ever.

Fortunately, Norman First, of New Hempstead, NY, wasn’t one of them. He had obtained several gallons of EXTRA FUEL® before the hurricane, and it gave him the peace of mind of knowing that he had a safe and reliable alternative empty tank solution “just in case.” As it turned out, Mr. First did have to add a gallon of EXTRA FUEL® during the post-Sandy shortage – “and it worked like a charm!”

“For me, EXTRA FUEL® is just a smart precaution,” Mr. First said. “You wouldn't drive your car without a spare tire, and you shouldn't drive it without EXTRA FUEL®.” EXTRA FUEL® gets about the same miles per gallon as regular gasoline.

Austin Freireich of the Bronx, was able to bypass the long lines for gas thanks to EXTRA FUEL®. “I had less than an eighth of tank of gas left, but my commute to work isn’t that far, and I didn’t want to be late for work because I was waiting to fill up,” he said. “So I just poured in a gallon and a half of EXTRA FUEL®, and I was able to drive to and from work – no problem!”

Invented just about one year ago, EXTRA FUEL® is a premium octane (91 rating) unleaded fuel derivative designed to work in any gas-powered vehicle or gas-powered generator. It won’t harm fuel injectors, catalytic converters or oxygen sensors. EXTRA FUEL® is 100% biodegradable and safe and legal to keep in your vehicle at all times. Regular gasoline isn’t – and for good reason. Its vapors typically escape their containers, and in the confines of a car trunk, especially during hot weather, that could be a recipe for disaster.

EXTRA FUEL® does not have the flammable elements of gasoline. In fact, if poured over a burning match, it will extinguish the flame! Moreover, it remains effective and safe to carry in your car for up to 10 years, and has been approved by EPA, DOT, and NFPA.

EXTRA FUEL® will soon be available nationwide at major retailers and hardware stores, but it can currently be obtained on line at http://www.extrafuel.net. The introductory retail price of a U.S. half-gallon container of EXTRA FUEL® is $24.95.

Extrafuel is the exclusive manufacturer of EXTRA FUEL®, the world’s first and only safe biodegradable emergency fuel. This product provides a quick and easy solution to the second most common cause of roadside breakdowns – running out of gas. Unlike gasoline which is dangerous and illegal to transport in a car – even in a regular gasoline container – EXTRA FUEL® is the only non-flammable gasoline substitute. It works in any gasoline powered vehicle, boat, motorcycle, or generators and is protected by five (5) U.S. patents. EXTRA FUEL® is bio-degradable and has been approved by EPA, DOT, and NFPA.

EXTRA FUEL® was developed by a retired chemical engineer whose high-octane career included executive positions at both Shell Oil Chemical Corporation and Amoco Chemical Corporation. He owns more than 16 patents in the petrochemical field. EXTRA FUEL® has already attracted the interest of several government departments and will soon be available
at major retailers nationwide.