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Gas2Electricity.com Reveals Inexpensive Electric Car Conversion Process to Never Pay for Gas Again


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2012 -- Car owners across America are flocking to the new Website Gas2Electricity.com to learn how to convert their car to run an electric motor and never pay for gas again. The Website explains how anyone can perform an electric car conversion cheaply and simply with help from the detailed conversion manual.

As gas prices continue to rise, many everyday people want to convert their gas guzzling car into an efficient electric car. However, most people don’t have the $3,000 it costs to hire a mechanic to do the work for them. Now, two mechanics have written a detailed, easy to use instruction manual that will show even the newest of car newbies how to do an electric car conversion in a few afternoons. “The price of the manual and the necessary electric car conversion kit is really inexpensive and simple to follow, so in just a few afternoons, car owners will never pay for gas again,” said the Gas2Electricity.com Website representative.

The step-by-step guide explains the electric car conversion process and the necessary tools and parts needed for the electric car kit. When completed, the car owner will have transformed their vehicle into an electric car capable of getting 100 to 200 miles per charge with an average cost of one dollar for electricity to drive 110 miles. “The manual will show you how to get all the parts needed to convert your car to electric for less than $280.00 dollars,” said the Website representative. “Even if you've never put anything together or worked on a car, you will be able to follow the guide and convert your vehicle into an electric car.”

In addition to the inexpensive cost of the manual and an electric car conversion kit, car owners will eliminate their gas bill and be entitled to an IRS tax refund of up to $1000.00 dollars just for using electric technology. The thoroughly researched and tested guide utilizes the newest electric car design to give the most money per charge and travel up to 65 miles per hour. The Website also provides a 100-percent money back guarantee for the manual. For more information, please visit http://www.gas2electricity.com/

About Gas2Electricity.com
Gas2Electricity.com reveals how any vehicle owner can simply and cheaply convert their car to electricity and never pay for gas again. By purchasing the inexpensive manual from the Website, car owners will get step-by-step instructions on the conversion process as well as access information for an inexpensive electric car conversion kit. Once installed, car owners will never pay for gas again, reduce their carbon footprint and save thousands of dollars.