GasTec Is Now Offering Propane in North Wales, PA


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2013 -- GasTec is now offering propane in North Wales, PA. The company knows that propane can be used to power many different appliances, especially during a time of need like the recent Hurricane Sandy back in October 2012, and now during these consecutive snow storms that have been hitting the Northeast region. The professionals at GasTec are proud to offer these services not just on a regular basis to heat one’s home, but to provide hot water and even cook food during a power outage. The propane dealers in North Wales will offer more than just the standard propane service for a winter’s heat, they will be able to allow backup generators to work when the power goes out, and they can even help keep emergency shelters fully operating during a major storm.

With this fuel source, it allows individuals to continue to make meals, take hot showers, and simply have the lights on while other locations may be without power. During any power outage, propane appliances continue to fully operate without any effect from winter snowstorms; rainstorms, hurricanes, or any time the power goes out. For those who need propane in the 19403 zip code, they may experience a power outage during the year which can be quite a nuisance for anyone. For those who may live in areas where power outages are prone to occur, it can ruin appliances and even impact one’s financial situation. If the power is out for hours at a time, everything in the refrigerator can go bad causing a person to have to buy all new groceries and food for the family. For those who don’t even have a propane powered home, they can still benefit from a propane generator when the power goes out.

GasTec is able to provide heat, hot water, and all the essentials during any type of storm or power outage. The professionals are dedicated to providing propane services in the 19468 zip code for homeowners to stay comfortable and warm during the winter season. If flooding happens to be an issue, they can use propane generators that will be able to allow the sump pump to operate thus keeping the home clean and safe from any damages that may have come about. For those who are looking for an alternative source of fuel, propane is a great choice that will continue to operate no matter what the power situation is in North Wales.

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