GasTec Now Offering Propane Service for Residential Generators


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/19/2013 -- Over the last few years, homeowners have flocked to purchase generators due to the large number of power outages. In today’s world, a power outage at home means losing a lot more than just electricity. Communication, entertainment, cooking sources, heating, cooling, and just about everything else that Americans rely on for survival is powered through electricity. When a homeowner’s power goes out and there isn’t a generator in place, the home may not be suitable for occupancy. The emergence and importance of built in generators is becoming increasingly more common in the United States. Now, GasTec is offering propane service for residential customers.

Now homeowners looking for propane in King of Prussia and surrounding area can look no further than GasTec. Providing residential and commercial customers with all of their propane needs, GasTec is proud to be offering service for generators. 2012 marked a year full of extreme weather and power outages. In late June of 2012, the Mid-Atlantic region was devastated by severe thunderstorms. The thunderstorms left more than three million people without power during the midst of record setting heat waves. Those homeowners who were fortunate enough to have a propane generator were not without power.

2012 also brought with it, one of the most destructive hurricanes the United States has ever witnessed. The severity and damage that Hurricane Sandy brought the northeastern portion of the United States was record setting. In fact, Hurricane Sandy was the second most costly hurricane in Unites States history. Damages are estimated to be over $75 billion and a total of 285 people lost their lives due to Hurricane Sandy. It is impossible to predict the weather, but homeowners can rest a little easier when they have the comfort of a propane generator. GasTec will gladly service a propane generator and keep a homeowner’s added sense of security intact.

About GasTec
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