GasTec Now Offering Propane Services to Heat Pools and Hot Tubs


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2013 -- The spring season is underway, and with that being said homeowners who want to get started early can now heat their pool and spa with propane services from GasTec. This not only allows families to extend their season early, but also for a little while longer after the summer season has ended. Homeowners in North Wales can take advantage of having a heat-controlled thermostat that uses propane for the perfect temperature, regardless of the weather during the spring, summer and early fall months.

With propane services from GasTec, the pool will never be too cold again. Having propane heaters installed early this spring will allow homeowners to start taking care of the proper maintenance and get a person’s outdoor entertaining and pool area ready to kick off the summer season. Being that propane is one of the most efficient types of fuel, it is not only a great choice to heat the home, but also for the pool and spa as well. In early spring, the professionals at GasTec know that come nightfall the weather is still very brisk making this the perfect time to enjoy one’s hot tub or spa that is fueled by propane.

So, if the sun is not heating up the water that is comfortable enough to swim all day long in, than GasTec will have a high performance propane heater to make sure homeowners can enjoy their pool all summer long. Being one of the most well-known propane dealers in North Wales, GasTec can give the pool or spa the boost it needs quicker than electric heaters. They have the ability to maintain temperatures more efficiently and can be more cost-effective than other energy sources that are used. With the help from GasTec and their propane services friends, families, and children can jump in the pool anytime and enjoy.

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