GasTec Now Provides Agriculture Benefits for Using Propane


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/16/2013 -- Propane is one of the cleanest burning fuels and is extremely environmentally friendly, unlike gasoline and diesel. Propane can be used for many different aspects when it comes to agricultural needs such as cultivation, water heating, green houses, space heating, and crop drying. For local farms in the Bucks County region, propane service in Doylestown can be of great use for those looking for a reliable, cost effective energy source for their agriculture. For this reason, GasTec can also now provide benefits to farmers for using their propane and services.

Traditionally, propane is known for heating a home or water, however, it can be applied to farm equipment that has fuel engines. The professionals at GasTec see benefits from flame cultivation for farmers who are looking to sustain the weed growth on their soil with the use of propane burners, as it also stimulates fruit ripening. As one of the most well-known propane companies in Plumstead, GasTec has seen significant effects of weed control without the use of harsh chemicals.

The Bucks County region in Pennsylvania has very frigid and cold winters which can damage some of the crops or orchards that are grown each year. However, propane heating can keep crops, plants, and fruit frost-free. This results in valuable crops and produce being saved and leaving a very minimal environmental footprint.

Not only do GasTec’s propane services in Perkasie help with cultivation and weed control, but it also allows farmers to keep their barns or livestock warm while temperatures drop below freezing at night. Maintaining a warm farm both inside and out allows farmers to run an environmental friendly, cost efficient business. GasTec is proud to now offer propane services not only to heat residential/commercial buildings or fuel automobiles, but also allow the agriculture industry to increase productivity without being harmful to the earth.

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