GasTec Releases New and Numerous Reasons to Convert to Propane as an Alternative Fuel


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/16/2013 -- GasTec, a propane tank installation expert, has just released new and numerous reasons to convert to propane as an alternative fuel source. There is an astronomical amount of cars on the road today that use gasoline to fuel their vehicles, however, many automobile drivers don’t know about the alternative of using propane. GasTec knows that gasoline and diesel are some of the most popular choices of fuel and more and more propane refueling stations are popping up all around nationwide. With the current economic conditions, individuals are looking for any way to save when it comes to fueling their car, energy in their home, etc. With propane as an alternative fuel, it is much safer, cleaner, and cost-efficient. Additionally, GasTec can also now provide propane delivery for Yardley residents who are looking to heat their home this winter.

GasTec professionals are more than willing to provide homeowners, businesses, and automobile drivers with the reasons why propane is a great fuel alternative. For starters, it is much safer than gasoline in that it is less flammable and the tanks are much more durable and puncture resistant than the standard fueling tanks.

As one of the most well-known propane companies in King of Prussia, GasTec is proud to offer this fueling alternative since it is much cleaner and produces fewer emissions. Not only does propane benefit the environment, but it provides maximum savings with tax incentives and the fact that is costs almost $1.00 cheaper per gallon. GasTec also provides services in Montgomery County, in King of Prussia, and also Richboro and Bucks County, PA.

Propane is becoming more accessible to businesses and residents to obtain. With fossil fuels being one of the leading sources of air pollution, converting to propane can significantly impact the environment. For homeowners looking for propane generators in Richboro, they can expect a long life expectancy for their generators. As one of the effective fuels it is a reliable source of heat and fuel, GasTec is able to provide deliveries or service for every individual.

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