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Gateway Storage Announces Unit Availability for Lockers, Standard Units, and Garages

Vacant units are now available to meet clients' needs, reports Gateway Storage


Hibiscus Coast, Auckland -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/26/2014 -- Gateway Storage today announced the availability of units at its locations in Whangaparaoa and Silverdale. This company's facilities offer traditional storage units, lockers, and storage for cars, boats, and campers. The availability of vehicle storage is especially notable for many customers thanks to the difficulty normally encountered in finding such facilities.

"One of the biggest benefits of dealing with us is the huge range of storage solutions we offer. We have over 40 different unit sizes, so we can handle every need. Some of our clients are seasonal businesses that fill up several of our largest units during the off-season, while on the other end of the spectrum, we have people who rent lockers and stop at them on their way to work every day. This versatility is one of the reasons that gateway storage is one of the most-recommended facilities in the area," said Graham Law of Gateway Storage.

Like many storage companies, Gateway puts a large focus on people who are moving. One facility, gateway silverdale, is even across the street from a moving truck hire company. This emphasis on removals is there because of how many people find that they can't fit everything into a new home or simply don't want to fit it all in even if it's physically possible. Many people see moving as a chance to get a fresh start, and they don't want to take all of their old baggage with them. Even so, a large number of people don't want to just throw everything out. Storage facilities provide an easy bridge between not taking everything along and not relegating it all to the dump either.

"Some of our customers use our units more for convenience than because they couldn't find somewhere else to keep their things," Law said. "Since we offer storage lockers of many sizes, we often see our facilities being used as waypoints between home and work. Some clients keep a business suit or two in their locker and then stop here to change on their way to and from their jobs. We also have people who keep paperwork here since it'll be under lock and key. Salespeople may keep demo stock in our units, too. The list goes on and on. We see quite a bit of this at all of our locations, but gateway whangaparaoa has more of it since it's right on the Hibiscus Coast Highway."

Vehicle storage is likely Gateway's most unique offerings. Most facilities won't take cars, boats, campers, and similar vehicles because of the risk of petrol explosions, oil leaks, theft, and other hazards. For people looking to store this type of equipment, Gateway is a lifesaver. It is fully equipped to handle all of the extra requirements of vehicular storage so that these needs can be met.

About Gateway Storage
Gateway Storage is an Australian storage facility company that offers lockers, standard units, and vehicle storage. It has more than 40 different unit sizes so everyone's needs can be perfectly met without wasting any space or money.