Gator Edged Hand Chainsaw Which Has the Bite of a GATOR in Comparison to the Old Bite of a Rabbit Is Now Available on Amazon


San Clemente, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/30/2013 -- The Gator Edged hand chainsaw is definitely the most recent of the impressive products uncovered by the Select Designs team. They lately declared its appearance on Amazon, as an authentic hand chainsaw, which will let people work more quickly and more successfully. The Gator Edged hand chainsaw has 54.54% additional bi-directional cutting teeth, compared to the usual standard hand chain saw. This makes this tool extremely powerful. It serves as a huge force multiplier, doing the Gator Edged essentially the most reliable equipment available.

Select Designs is well known for the revolutionary and modern solutions they provide to the shoppers. Their particular staff of professional commercial product creator’s research and source products are created and trained specifically to produce and supply clients with all the most recent capabilities which will contribute in the improved performance. Individuals who may have utilized the saw are actually writing comments on its overall performance.

The Gator Edged hand chainsaw is of high quality and outstanding performance! I have been using different kind of chain saws for many years and I have enough experience of working with them. Lately one of my friends told me to try the new Gator Edged hand chainsaw. It is a very powerful tool and it overcomes all the standard chain saws available till now,” says Tom Griffin, a client of The Gator Edged.

The Gator Edged comes with 17 cutting teeth per 25” of chain, which significantly boosts the cutting ability considering that the regular saw has mainly 11 cutting teeth per 25 inch of chain. The higher overall performance which usually comes from these features means quicker, more stable cutting with much less work by the consumer. The Gator Edged weighs about 4 ounces only but provides the ability to slice through a 12” diameter tree trunk.

The Gator Edged hand chainsaw is definitely one of the considerably more flexible products and it is finally available to buy on Amazon store. It is often utilized as a pocket chainsaw, pole saw, rope chain saw, saw chain, hand saw chain, tree saw, camping saw, pruner saw, pole chain saw, rope and chain saw, survival saw, brush saw and mini saw.

The Gator Edged hand chainsaw is right this moment available to buy at an initial selling price on For more information relating to this device please watch the YouTube video and visit

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