Friday Shirts

Friday Shirts Launches a Specialty Line of Beach Casual Clothing for Children


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/05/2012 -- Friday Shirts, forerunners in internet retail of Hawaiian clothing and other classic beach fashions, has announced the release of a specialty line. Beach clothes for youngsters. This line of specialty young people’s clothes will make many of the same beloved styles in their adult lines accessible to boys and girls. For beach weddings, family photos or just fun clothes for a fun vacation, Hawaiian clothing for all ages will be available soon through Friday Shirts.

This June, in young ladies lines debut three new sundresses. The Hawaiian, Long Board Baby and Hibiscus designs are traditional Polynesian themed designs scaled down to an adorably small size for young ladies. These are in addition to the already debuted capri sets, girls dresses and baby dresses that Friday Shirts has unveiled. This line of primarily Hawaiian clothing for young ladies is sure to lighten the mood at any beach side event.

For boys, June brings the first Gauaybera shirt to the line. The Martinez Montiel boy’s Gauaybera shirt has debuted. An instant classic in black Gauaybera shirts, with a time honored embroidery design in white down the pleats. These are available for all sizes of boys, from a 2 tiny to an extra-large. This makes a nice compliment to the three Hawaiian shirts already in the boy’s line. Though not Hawiian Clothing, specifically, the Gauaybera shirts are easily recognizable as classy, classic beach designs. They can make any age of guy look fantastic on a special day at the beach.

Both of these lines are available as of June 2012 on the Friday Shirts website. Just in time for the 4th of July and other mid and late summer holidays. Friday Shirts intends more exciting announcements about future lines and labels very soon.