GavickPro Team Launches Newly Extended Design Template List to Meet Growing Demand

Company assists developers in ongoing efforts to create competitive websites


Malopolska, PL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/10/2014 -- Industry statistics indicate more than 500 new websites are created each minute, fueling increasing difficulty for Google to sort through them all in response to the corresponding 2 million searches performed in the same amount of time. Each new site braves competition with those already in existence while the ones that paved the way for newcomers face an ever-increasing string of opposition. Amidst the ongoing battle for those precious positions among the first page of search query results, an internal dilemma rages over the features site creators will display to the viewing public.

In an effort to assist individuals and website developers worldwide, Robert Gavick of has launched the company's newly extended list of templates providing functional and eye-catching designs for their clients. Said Gavick, "We put endless time and effort into creating beautiful and efficient designs for our clients. Whether they are creating a simple blogging site or they are professional web developers attempting to meet the demands of their own clients, we can provide the WordPress and Joomla themes they need, as well as the customer service to back them up."

Users of these platforms indicate both offer a number of similar features; however, each also has its own set of distinguishing characteristics. Although both are free, Joomla also offers a paid version with additional advantages. A wide range of templates are available for each platform, and both can be customized to meet individual needs with an array of extensions and modules to further their capabilities. Both are open-source options with millions of satisfied users.

The few key differences between the two platforms pertain to the intended use of the website being created. Experts state search engines seem to be drawn to WordPress though Joomla can be configured for SEO purposes as well. Sites meant for public input such as discussion forums and newsrooms tend to fare better with Joomla due to easily allowing articles to be submitted from external sources and the ability to set them to expire at certain times. Joomla templates are often considered best for sites with multiple members and author input.

WordPress themes can be used with various other types of software and can be integrated with social sites, which means they are better suited for social media marketing and networking. E-commerce options are available with this platform, increasing the usefulness of its SEO capabilities. WordPress is highly acclaimed for its easy installation process and fast set-up. Many users have noted Joomla is much more complicated in those respects; on the other hand, with Joomla's more complex design comes an enhanced ability to support more elaborate websites.

Gavick concluded, "Our goal is to provide our clients with a vast selection of templates to serve as a base for their websites. Subscribing members are given the opportunity to experiment with our Joomla and WP themes until they find one that meets their functional and aesthetic needs. Of course, our support team is always readily available to answer our clients' questions and offer any assistance they may need."

Employing a multi-cultural team of design experts, GavickPro was established in 2007. Originally offering Joomla templates, the company soon expanded into WordPress themes as well. The goal of their team is to provide unrivaled options and service to their clients of all website development skill levels.