Gay Rapper Comes out as Heterosexual in New Mixtape

Gay Rapper Cocky da Homo MC Releases Mix Tape Entitled "Joke'z On You (I'm Really Straight)"


Haverstraw, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2014 -- New York rapper Cocky da Homo MC has garnered a great deal of attention this past year, what with 2013's controversial mixtape "Gay Rap Beef" making massive waves in the underground LGBT rap scene. The self-proclaimed "Straight Man's Gay Rapper" is well known for his edgy, over the top, and often times offensive lyrics incorporating NSFW gay themes and adult content.

Yet on his latest mixtape release, "Joke'z On You (I'm Really Straight)," the "Homo MC" opens with a rather confusing and self-deprecating confession: "The difference between [myself] and other gay rappers is, first of all, I'm not gay, and second, I can't rap." To add to the listener's initial bewilderment, the mixtape includes witty lyricism, political themes advocating for gay rights (referring to homosexuals as "we" and "us"), as well as a song centered around undressing pop super-group One Direction's Harry Styles and Niall Horan.

However, and indicative of Cocky possibly being a heterosexual rapper posing as gay, the mixtape includes several snippets of various interviews in which he proclaims that his music is not intended for the gay community, even going as far as to lambast GLAAD as well as gay pride parades.

Regardless of his sexuality, Cocky's mixtape is a very enjoyable listen featuring some memorable and quite humorous rhymes. In his Kendrick Lamar response, "Control (H.O.M.O)," he warns the hip hop community that he's "trying to lower the bar, not raise it," referring to his simple and straightforward yet in-your-face flows. "Jesus Christ Thuperstar," which boasts a sharp theological argument against modern Christianity's homophobic tendencies, features the powerful rhyme, "America won't fall if it embraces me, it means more children in the future suicide they won't commit!" Gems like the anthem "Welfare" are scattered throughout the tape, providing listeners with a look into the concerned and caring side of the MC.

Definitely NOT for the faint of heart, Cocky's mixtape is recommended for those who dig dark, humorous rhymes and gritty, East Coast flavored beats reminiscent of 50 Cent and Raekwon. But don't compare him to any rapper you know of, for, as he warns listeners, "you have never heard anything like this before." Download or stream at