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Gay Romance Novel Delves Into Honeymoons, BDSM and Kidnapping

"Captive" is an erotic gay romance novel that would also be at home in the psychological thriller genre. The novel reaches from the underworld of BDSM to the lingering effects of psychological trauma in the aftermath of a kidnapping.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/14/2013 -- David Ellis announces the release of his first novel, a psychological thriller that delves into sexual darkness. Beyond the usual male to male romance novel, the story of "Captive" begins a few days before the civil ceremony of Hugo and Ben and takes a turn into extramarital affairs, BDSM and kidnapping. Hugo works as a curator at a local art museum, while Ben has found success as an advertising executive. Their storybook romance takes a turn into a mysterious web of intrigue as one man's search for his husband leads to self-discovery and tragedy during their South African honeymoon.

When Ben disappears, Hugo leaves the authorities to search for his husband, but it soon becomes apparent darker forces played a hand in Ben's disappearance. Videos are sent to Hugo of his husband being subjected to numerous BDSM scenes, along with a demand for $1million rand. Hugo must take on the investigation himself which leads him through a world of underground sex clubs and BDSM. Here Hugo gets pulled by the same passions that led Ben to into this same world, a world that could end up costing him his life. The novel is full of graphic, passionate and often dark portrayals of gay sex.

A psychiatrist with a distinguished history publishing medical teaching software and writing technical pieces on music technology and medical equipment, David Ellis brings a microscopic attention to detail to his fiction writing and the psychology of his characters. He is also recognized for his wit. One reviewer wrote of Ellis's humor, "subtly like the expert finishing touches on a masterpiece, the element of humor is just a delightful bonus to a novel that already is brimming with irresistible qualities."

As attitudes toward sexuality have changed rapidly over the last decade, many men and woman of varying orientations have found gay romance fiction an enjoyable erotic diversion. "Captive" is brimming with hot erotic scene and intense psychological drama.

"Captive" is available on Amazon by going to http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DUG0XE4

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David Ellis is a psychiatrist living and working in London, UK. He has written articles, books and teaching materials on music, medicine and technology. He lives with his husband and two cats. He doesn't eat meat and goes to the gym daily. 'Looks Could Kill' is his first novel.

David Ellis
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