GBHL - BREAKING NEWS! Alan Bailey Former SVP Paramount Pictures Joins GBHL

Remember Global Entertainment Holdings? We sure do, and like xtreme fashion we continue to monitor previous alerts and re-feature these plays when key news is unleashed and GBHL just unleashed a MONSTER update to its shareholders.


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No doubt, investors took notice today and those who keep up to date with our Twitter page, Skype, or DoUKnow group definitely got our alert this afternoon. GBHL soared today to close at $0.06 on solid volume. Our alert on GBHL last year hit $0.31, and no doubt with what GBHL has lined up we are looking to surpass these levels quickly.

GBHL looks to be starting on a massive PR campaign and recently added key people to fill the top levels of the company including a “blockbuster” update today, “GBHL hired a new Chief Financial Officer, Alan Bailey, formally Senior Vice President and Treasurer of Paramount Pictures for 35 years!” http://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/GBHL/news/GBHL-CEO-Gary-Rasmussen-Featured-in-Opportunist-Magazine?id=58991&b=y

GBHL’s Garry Rasmussen CEO was also featured to day in Opportunist Magazine – highly regarded, online magazine, the “voice for the penny stock, small cap, and micro stock investor.”

Garry identifies key plans to move this company forward and no doubt to add significant shareholders value.

“We have a committee that reviews films and determines if we can pick up distribution on it and can get the rights to talents to go into it. Our chief operating officer, Dan Sherkow, started off with Times Mirror, which became HBO, and also worked for Columbia and Paramount Pictures and has several major films under his belt. Alan Bailey, our chief financial officer, served for 35 years as senior financial executive and treasurer of Paramount. Additionally, Jackie Giroux has tremendous ‘hands-on’ experience in budgeting, casting and independent production and has written over 60 screenplays. ”

“The high quality films feature recognizable name talent and yet are produced at a fraction of the cost of big-budget studio films, says Gary Rasmussen. “Technology has reduced the barrier of entry into film-making. Movies are being made today for as low as $10,000. Take ‘Paranormal Activity’ for example. It cost $35,000 to make and made $100 million in the box office.” http://opportunistmagazine.com/gary-rasmussen-ceo-of-global-entertainment-holdings-name/

Wow, that’s adding some solid talent and key connection in the Film and movie industry.

Now, as we always say, we continue to look out for KEY updates with past picks and GBHL certainly fits the bill.

Aerius International (AERS) was also alerted this week and another pick from last year which gained 1,000% and just released HUGE news of a major shakeup in the company. No doubt timing it with next week’s Global mobile phone conference.

We are definitely going to be paying close attention to information coming out of next week conference in Barcelona, as well as key meetings with AERS’s board of directors later in the month. No doubt primed for potential monster gains with key updates.


GBHL is setting up perfectly for a MAJOR bullish breakout – with only 4.4 million shares in the float, and HUGE names added to the company, this definitely feels very similar to our CORE pick EKNL with an even smaller float. In fact, EKNL soared from $0.04 to $0.80 (1,900% gains) on a float of 5.5 Million – GBHL is 1 Million shares less and definitely ready to break through into record levels. Timing could not be better to add GBHL to your portfolio!

About Global Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (OTC:GBHL)
GBHL is a publicly-held, entertainment company. The Company’s goal is to build a worldwide entertainment organization with a multitude of domestic and foreign production affiliates. GBHL, operating through its wholly owned subsidiaries, Global Universal Film Group, Inc., and Global Universal Entertainment, Inc. (www.GlobalUniversal.com), is in the process of developing and producing a slate of motion pictures, employing recognizable-named talent, for worldwide release. GBHL is focused on the financing and marketing of these feature-length films. GBHL, through another wholly owned subsidiary, You’ve Got The Part, Inc. (www.YouveGotthePart.com), will attempt to capitalize on the current popularity of Hollywood and reality based programming by casting small roles online that anyone with a digital camera can apply for.

About Aerius International, Inc
Aerius International, Inc. has developed a revolutionary antenna technology for cell phones proven by carriers and in independent labs to increase battery life 66% and reduce handset power loss into users 99.4%.

Aerius won the Frost and Sullivan 2009 North American Wireless Technologies Green Excellence of the Year Award, based on Aerius equipped phone performance.

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