GBoxApp Browsing Application Is Released

The GBox application has been launched and provides a currency converter, calculator, and world clock among other tools such as a countdown timer, Magic 8 Ball, and funny quotes.


Schwerin, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2013 -- GBoxApp, an app just launched by Webaro Holdings, Ltd., allows users to access various tools and applications on their computer. The GBoxApp adds to the things one can do via the Internet, making access easier and more fulfilling. Technology has advanced to the point installing every new tool on a computer is challenging. Tools such as a currency converter, calculator, world clock, countdown timer, funny quotes, and a Magic 8 Ball are included to reduce desktop clutter. Games like Sudoku, chess, Tetrix, and Pacman can be accessed easier too.

The app also saves time in finding tools and applications online when they are needed. It essentially provides many useful tools in one place. The company has developed the app to consolidate common computer gadgets. Users can therefore find them easily and quickly without searching online or wondering where they are.

Anyone who does not have the time to search for a tool for calculating or converting currencies will find Gboxapp handy. There are hundreds of similar tools on the web, but finding, downloading, and learning to use each one can take time. Everything is integrated into the new app, within a simple gadget box installed directly on the desktop. It is therefore especially convenient during the work day.

While providing a simple solution, Gboxapp is a complex application. It installs easily on a PC, and then the user has immediate access to the tools, gadgets, and other features. A small file is downloaded from the Gboxapp website. By clicking “Run”, step-by-step instructions lead the user through the installation process.

Three options pop up when the app is opened: Tools, Gadgets, and Fun. The Tools section includes the calculator, currency calculator, and countdown function. A calorie calculator, delayed cost calculator, and more are featured in the Gadgets area, while various games are included in the Fun section.

The app can be downloaded now at

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