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Gear Up for a Rewarding Yoga Studio Venture with the Super Successful Yoga Studio Manual from

Gear up for a rewarding yoga studio venture with the super successful yoga studio manual from


San Luis Obispo, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2013 -- Gear up for a rewarding yoga studio venture with the super successful yoga studio manual from The super studio manual offers a complete series of interviews conducted and compiled by Al Lipper, the yoga studio business coach at The manual offers complete insight into what it takes to build a yoga studio business. Coach Al provides a complete analysis of strategies that worked for other successful yoga studio businesses, from the marketing strategies that made them famous to the branding methods that helped them thrive.

Whether in a small town or a big metropolitan area, yoga studios are becoming popular not only among the masses but also among aspiring entrepreneurs. With the competition at its, peak it's always good to go with a sure fire business plan designed especially for a yoga studio in order to ensure an impressive start. Al Lipper at mentors both the young yoga studio businesses hoping for a running start or existing businesses looking for a complete makeover, all while providing business plans for yoga studios and exclusive consultations to help manage them.

The super studio manual by Al Lipper is a complete guide with step-by -step procedures to help kick off a yoga studio business and also to help manage it for continued success. The manual provides in depth information and easy to follow guidelines which gear the yoga studio business for profitability right from the start. It gives valuable insight on every procedure from building a yoga studio business, marketing it, tracking finances, dealing with insurance concerns and more.

The super studio manual is available in PDF format as well as in print so you can choose the version which works best for you. Then just go through it, following the simple guidelines while starting a yoga studio business for assured success. Al Lipper also offers online tele-classes which provide consultation and valuable recommendations to further the process and help with any hurdles faced. Take out the guesswork when starting a yoga studio with’s super studio manual and continued support.

For years, Al Lipper at has been helping yoga studio owners make their ventures more profitable, while slowing down their actual pace of work. has business tools designed specifically for yoga studio owners in order to help them to run a more successful yoga studio - and to do so more quickly and easily, with less hassle. Through his experiences as a leadership coach, CEO, and motivational speaker, Al also helps studio owners struggling to grow their businesses all while sharing his unique perspective on overcoming the stressful and overwhelming tasks of running a profitable yoga, Pilates or tai chi studio.

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