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Xiamen, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/26/2013 -- Led lighting are the new trend in interior designing. Illuminating the house with soft and mild lighting rather than flashy lights is preferred by several contemporary home owners. GEB, a reputable dealer in Led strips and led bulbs is now introducing a new range of led lamps which will make your showroom and house glow like an ice castle. Termed as cool white Led's, these sets of icy cool lights are, bright, sustainable and create a unique glow which creates a wonderful ambience for your house. This beautiful light is more suitable for houses especially living rooms and party halls to create a palace like background. GEB led lamps are available in a plethora of model starting from floral motifs to concealed LED's in the photo frames. These decorative accessories are best fit for both traditional as well as contemporary houses. The LED lights concealed behind various decorative items which can be switched on or off with a simple touch or clap can serve as a great enhancement to the art crafts, paintings and decorative objects placed in any living room.

Decorating a party hall with GEB led lights

Party halls usually give ample importance to lighting. The colourful disco lights of the 80's were replaced by elaborate designer lighting in most of the bars and hotel halls. CFL bulbs, extra bright neon lamps, Victorian chandeliers everything had their fair share in making the party lights glow for various seasons. Nowadays using multi-coloured led bulbs and led strips to decorate the party halls is seen as the most affordable option by most of the hall decorators. Be it a simple house living room or a massive ball room with a bar, GEB led strips can make the hall glow as bright as a rainbow. Decorating these halls with GEB LED strips are available in multiple colours and in various sizes. A single strip can be made to glow in different colours. Besides, they can be fixed easily on ceiling designs as well as name boards to create a stunning effect without spending much. Fixing them behind the shelves of bars or under the dining tables is quite easy. Hence, most of the party decorators prefer to use led lights and led bulbs instead of opting for traditional lighting as various LED lights colours based on the party themes are available easily. LED lights consume very little power compared to normal lights. They do not need any complex installation.

About GEB
GEB provides a variety of lights in hundreds of different colours which can be fixed anywhere and everywhere in no time. Be it an office party, birthday, marriage or any other occasion, GEB have specific shaded lights suitable for your budget and the occasion. Further the decorators or the designers of the hall can talk with the GEB executives and get specially designed lights suitable for their decoration themes. GEB LED bulbs, LED strips and LED lights can be purchased online or offline in their direct stores. They are available in all major lighting stores too.

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