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Gecko Pest Control Helps Chico Residents Safeguard Their Homes & Offices


Chico, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2016 -- Early and mid-Spring is often the most vulnerable time for homes, gardens, and corporate offices to "come under attack" of unwanted visitors like ants, bees, and spiders. May homeowners and business owners do not realize they have a pest problem until it is too late – when spotting a few ants turns into discovering their property is infested. One local company urges residents throughout the Chico and surrounding regions to reach out early in the season to take care of pests before they become an infestation problem. Gecko Pest Control specializes in providing pest deterrent and extermination solutions using quality, safe, organic pesticides.

"As the warmer seasons begin, we often see more ants, bees, spiders, and rodents coming out to start their mating and food gathering season," says Rich, a pest control specialist with Gecko Pest Control. "During the warmer, yet wetter months, these pests are also searching for shelter from the rain, and typically settle in on a home or office that meets all of their needs. However, they tend to harbor and spread germs, not to mention, many people are allergic to several types of pests. It is important to hire a pest control specialist to take care of these problems before they become a severe issue."

For several years, Gecko Pest Control has been the area's leading pest control company, using the highest quality sprays, pesticides, and deterrents available.

"Next to a healthy, bug-free environment for my family, most important to me is the safety of my animals," says Laura Skinner, a satisfied Gecko Pest Control customer. "The Pros at Gecko go the extra mile to ensure that all of my loved ones are safe!"

Jeff and Wendy Ballard, another satisfied customer, states, "We live around some open fields, and the ants think we are the local restaurant. Gecko Pest Control eliminated all signs of ants. They really know what they're doing."

When a small pest problem turns into a major infestation issue, it becomes even more of an inconvenience to the homeowner or business owner. It often means additional return visits to ensure the pest problem is properly handled and eliminated. "While we do offer a free return visit policy to ensure our customers' infestation problem is under control and eliminated, we cannot stress enough the importance of eliminating pests at the first sign, before they become a serious concern," says Rich.

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