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GEEO Is One of the 2013 Top-Rated Great Non-Profits


Ardmore, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2013 -- For the more than 500 teachers who have traveled with GEEO, it is not hard to understand why the 501c3 corporation that offers affordable educator travel made the "Top-Rated Great Non-Profits" list for a second year in a row. For those unfamiliar with Global Exploration for Educators Organization, located at on the web, learning about the company makes it easy to see why they have garnered this honor.

GEEO was founded in 2007 as a resource for educators who want to use their time during summer break to travel the world and interact with educators around the globe. Since that time the company has sent more than 500 educators abroad and served more than 45,000 students with curriculum created by these teachers.

GEEO's objectives are different from those of other travel organizations. Instead of focusing solely on travel, GEEO gives teachers the opportunity to bring their learning back to the classroom with online lesson plans they can share with others. GEEO travel teachers work with educators around the world in their own classrooms, sharing their experiences and learning as they see the wonders of the world off the beaten tourist track.

For unforgettable trips that introduce teachers to the larger world and bring that world back to the classroom and community, GEEO has been chosen for two years as one of the best possible resources for educators. With the award as one of the Top-Rated Great Non-Profits for 2013, GEEO continues to uphold the tradition of excellence it began in 2007 with its first itineraries and trips. Today, educators continue to enjoy the unique travel offerings of this amazing non-profit organization and to travel the world to share their learning and experiences with others.

About Global Exploration for Educators Organization
GEEO allows teachers to take the opportunity to travel the world, sharing their experiences with teachers in countries across the globe. Unlike many other travel organizations, GEEO focuses on helping teachers experience the concept of teaching in foreign lands and bring these experiences back to their own classrooms and communities.

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