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GEEO Offers 21 Travel Programs for 2013


Ardmore, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2013 -- Global Exploration for Educators Organization serves an important niche in the travel industry. While summer travel for teachers has become a popular pastime in recent years, most company require teachers to be part of a large group or to limit their travel to a very small range of destination choices.

However, GEEO is expanding teacher travel programs to include countries and locations that others do not reach.

GEEO makes teacher travel possible for a larger group of educators than many other companies because GEEO focuses on keeping costs low and offering unique travel destinations. Some of the 21 travel opportunities for 2013 include:

- Angkor
- Bangkok
- Budapest
- China
- Galapagos
- India
- Italy
- Morocco
- Peru
- Portugal
- Russia
- Turkey
- Vietnam

Spring is often a busy time for teachers as they prepare to end the school year. Many travel grants for teachers are funded during this time, so GEEO is offering a further incentive for teachers to book their trips and teacher tours for the summer. From April 10 to April 15, GEEO offers an additional five percent off its already low prices.

GEEO believes in providing teachers with unique travel experiences. Every trip includes interaction with local educators so that traveling teachers can experience the true culture of a location. Each trip also include exciting excursions away from the normal tourist route that allow educators to bring back exciting memories and develop friendships with people from other cultures.

The purpose of this interaction is to allow teachers who travel with GEEO to bring back their experiences into the classroom. This will allow their communities and students to develop a better understanding of the world at large and foster an interest in the global community.

About GEEO
Global Exploration for Educators Organization offers teacher travel opportunities that other groups cannot provide. Teachers can travel to remote areas normally inaccessible to travel groups and interact with local residents. GEEO’s unique programs allow teachers to experience real life with real teachers in other lands, and all at prices that educators can afford. GEEO attempts to accommodate all budgets and all group sizes; even single teachers can often find a travel group that will meet their needs. GEEO always keeps its prices low through grants and other financing sources to allow as many teachers as possible to participate, and often has special discount offers in order to fill programs.

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