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Gehman Design Remodeling Offers Stucco Repair for Southeastern PA Homes


Harleysville, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/23/2017 -- Many homes in the greater Philadelphia area make use of stucco, a decorative plaster coating on the exterior of the house. While stucco may look beautiful, it can cause significant damage to the home if it has been incorrectly installed or if it has not been maintained. Gehman Design Remodeling is proud to offer professional stucco repair in Malvern, PA, and surrounding areas. Homeowners are encouraged to call at the first sign of stucco deterioration.

There are several signs that a home's stucco needs repair. If the plaster appears discolored with gray or black stains, it may be hiding mold, especially if it is on the north side of the house. Cracks can be another indication of damage to the stucco (these are often most visible following a rain storm). Even a hairline crack should not be ignored. Another sign to look for is stucco falling off the wall, particularly around the tops of chimneys, above decks and patios or at ground level.

If these warning signs are ignored, homeowners might be in for a nasty surprise. When mold is allowed to form behind the stucco, it will eventually cause the wall itself to deteriorate, which can jeopardize the entire structure of the house. If the damage is extensive, the repairs can be extremely costly.

When stucco is properly installed and maintained, it should not present any issues to the homeowner. Anyone who would like to install stucco or repair the plaster on their home is encouraged to call Gehman Design Remodeling, an award-winning builder in No. Wales, at 215-660-5635.

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