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Gurgaon, Haryana -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/25/2012 -- It is a known fact that the energy displayed by nature has a greater influence on people’s lives than the actual happenings. There is a way of interpreting the way things happen through the birth chart calculation and astrology reading. This consultation would provide a comprehensive report on why certain things are happening in life and the way to work around them in order to ensure a safe and secure future.

Finding a consultation service on Astrology is quite a rarity. Although there might be many sites, the reliable source always comes with a solution and this only made possible with Bello Jewels. As a provider of certified gem stones, birth stones and precious stones, Bello Jewels has extended its services in providing gemstone consultation and online prediction absolutely free of charge for their visitors. The consultation is also extended through a free astrology reading, birth chart interpretation and Vedic astrology recommendation through online software. Visitors can also avail consultation from a Jyotish or astrologer.

The free online astrology report is based on the date and time of birth that is generated. Birth stones need to be selected accordingly. There are many gemstones that are made available online like Pukhraj, Panna, Manik, Gomedh, Navaratna, planetary gemstones and astrology gemstones. The gemstone consultancy and prediction would completely depend on the way the birth stars and the birth month are placed. In order to have a clear view of the way Vedic interpretation is done, visit . The site would provide complete view of how the Vedic chart and the birth chart are interpreted. It is like a comprehensive outlook and the pictorial representation is quite insightful. This free online astrology is also available in Telugu, Tamil and other Indian language and also in English. Customers from all over the world can avail access to these services. The consultation would provide information on the type of stone to be chosen and the way it needs to be worn. Based on the prediction report, visitors can place orders at . As a PayPal verified site and a certified supplier of gemstones and precious stones, Bello Jewels is a favorite choice for many who abide by Astrological predictions.

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