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Gemstones Advisor Publishes New Editorial on the World's Most Expensive Gemstones

Gemstones Advisor has created new original content describing the most expensive gemstones in the world for enthusiasts to set their ambitions high.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/23/2013 -- Diamonds are forever, but they are only one of millions of minerals found on earth. Diamonds are so valuable because of their structural integrity and rarity, but there are a wide variety of other gemstones made from rare earth minerals that have similar or even greater value. After Hank in Breaking Bad began collecting minerals, many people enjoyed a renewed interest in rare minerals and Gemstones Advisor decided to publish an infographic of the rarest, unusual and crucially most expensive gemstones in the world to shed light on the zenith of the mineral market.

The infographic includes rare jewels such as Benitoite, a distinct blue gem found in only one mine in California, color changing Alexandrite, and the incredibly rare Grandidierite. The list is topped by the Red Diamond, which costs over one million dollars per carat.

All prices are compared on a per carat basis, and each gem is shown in high quality imagery with details of its relative rarity and properties. The infographic also explains that many diamonds were left off the list in order to give the spotlight to other much neglected minerals, half of which come higher in the price range than standard diamonds.

A spokesperson for Gemstones Advisor explained, “We have created this list to explain that there are far more creative and ambitious materials to use when adding to collections, designing jewelry or looking for elite materials. Our infographic describes the price per carat of gemstones to make sure a direct comparison between prices is valid, and provides additional information on the uses of each material and their provenances, so that collectors can be inspired by this interesting dissection of the precious minerals market. It also shows the world that the diamond is almost drab by comparison to some of the other mineral options out there.”

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