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Genco Research LLC Expands Range of Research Peptides to Include New Products

Genco Research LLC has created new peptides based on synthesized and naturally derived components to increase the number of research applications that can be fulfilled.


Indianapolis, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/25/2014 -- Scientific research cannot be undertaken without key materials that allow researchers to study how things change in response to stimulus, and create effects that are monitored and controlled to create desirable results such as curing diseases, fighting cancer or rehabilitating injuries. This research requires materials like peptides, which are artificially created strings of Amino acid created to stimulate desired effects. For instance, Melanotan, which stimulates the production of melatonin and creates a tanning effect without the damaging effects of UV. Genco Research is one of the premier producers of these chemicals in the US, and has added new products, Silymarin and Liquid SARM, to their catalog.

Silymarin, a derivative of milk thistle, has been found to be efficacious in slowing the growth of certain types of cancer cells, lowering cholesterol and managing diabetes as well as having potent anti-fungal effects that even be used to counteract poisoning, and researchers are still testing its interactions in new circumstances.

Liquid SARM has been shown to increase muscle mass and bone density, ideal for those recovering from injuries and undergoing physiotherapy, and stimulates anabolic activity making it an effective treatment for osteoporosis.

Both new products are available directly from the site at competitive prices, and all those who buy peptides have their orders fulfilled and dispatched on the same day in order to get them to researchers as fast as possible, in protected packaging to ensure nothing is lost to damage.

A spokesperson for Genco Research LLC explained, “We are proud to provide the scientists of America with the products they need to do their work at a price they can afford on research budgets. By expanding our range of products to include naturally derived organic compounds we enable a wider number of researchers to benefit from our best quality manufacturing processes. We offer the best standards of purity so that researchers can rest assured their results will always be accurate, and those using them in human trials can rest assured they will have exactly the intended effects at exact dosages.”

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