Gender Wars: 3 Bicep Workouts for Huge Guns Revealed

Always wanted to have a beefed up body that shows itself? Never knew where to start? Never had the proper counseling to reach your desired body shape? Well to cater to your ultra-hardcore beefed up body ambition comes along


Oakland, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/10/2013 -- A website specifically designed for those who want a professional helping edge in attaining the desired body of their dreams with the ease of sitting in their own houses and getting all that’s needed to know via the internet, Dangerously hardcore has done it very smoothly.

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Dangerously Hardcore has recently introduced a very successful chapter in their thirst for body building quest known as Gender Wars. Gender Wars has now reached its third level known as “3 Bicep workouts for huge guns”. In this part, Dangerously Hardcore has showed the workout procedure for attaining huge guns or biceps in other words. Fast, effective and reliable methodology has been shown in a very understanding and easy to follow video and notes which if followed properly definitely show some distinctive outcomes in the body.

It allows the users to understand the science of getting bigger biceps with awesome peak in the middle. Alex Navarro, a professional trainer, and the guide to the Gender Wars 3 shows in the video the three ultimate methods to attain beefed up biceps ever desired. As stated by the body building guru herself,

“As a trainer I feel that this is my opportunity to spread my love of fitness to anyone and everyone I can. I was inspired at a young age and am grateful for what I was exposed to. I am eager to share my knowledge of the human body and to help others achieve their goals, whether fitness related or not. It’s through inspiration that people are motivated to make positive changes in their lives. It’s my mission to lead by example. As a trainer I’m positive, encouraging, patient and always smiling.” – Alex Navarro

The three bicep workouts to attain the best biceps in town start off with the first method being “Standing Bicep Barbell Curl”. Next comes the “Standing Concentration Curl” in which Alex further demonstrates the method used to enhance maximum bicep muscle with the minimum amount of effort. Last but not the least comes the third method called “Close Grip Chin up”.

When it comes to hardcore tips to get the biceps bulging out with awesome peaks, one definitely has to give credit to bicep workouts tips by

Dangerously Hardcore provides very informative and extensive learning videos along with many other articles to enhance your muscles and to fine tune them all in one place under one platform. Interested folks may also watch their biceps workout video.

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