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Transmissions are as important as Engines of Cars


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/21/2013 -- If car owners ignore the importance of transmissions of their cars, they are doing so at their own risk. Even automobile experts converge on the single point that car owners must bestow as much attention on the transmissions as they do with the engines of their cars. So, when there is a transmission repair San Antonio, however minor the repair may be, car owners cannot afford to take it lightly. They should get it rectified by a good company that has good mechanics on its rolls.

Gene Browns Transmission claims that they are good at repairing, rebuilding and replacement of transmissions. They further say that they can carry out foreign transmission repair San Antonio also. They stress that they can attend to the repairs of both automatic and manual transmissions. They add that they can not only diagnose the problems with the transmissions but, can find out issues like fluid leakage, slipping gears, etc. also. They are proud to claim that their mechanics have been trained suitably to identify the problems with the transmissions very quickly and that is the reason their company is being hailed as the best transmission repair center in the entire San Antonio area.

Gene Browns Transmission lists out the symptoms that show that there are problems with the transmissions of cars. The symptoms they list out are a burning smell in the vehicle, shaking or buckling when the car is being driven at highway speeds, a slipping clutch, the manual grinds the driver feels while shifting, leaking fluid underneath the vehicle, troubles in shifting gears, experiencing delayed drive and reverse, noise when the gear is in neutral, etc. They say that their intention of listing out these symptoms is to educate car owners on transmission issues.

As far as repairing of transmissions is concerned, Gene Browns Transmission says that by replacing some of the parts of the transmission system on time, many potential issues can be averted and a complete rebuild of the system can be avoided. This, according to them, will get a good saving for the car owners. They say that they offer transmission flush also.

They emphatically assert that their rates for transmission rebuilds are highly reasonable. They always strive to avoid buying a new transmission, they claim. They say that the experts on their rolls have the technical capabilities to replace the new parts in the transmission so that it performs like a new one. They claim that this approach saves a lot of money for the car owners.

They stress on the point that only when they feel that a repair or a rebuild will not help, they suggest replacement of the transmission. They claim that they take utmost care to choose the right model of transmission and the right parts so that the car will perform optimally.

They are proud to claim that they operate at various convenient locations in and around San Antonio area. They express hopes that with their excellent customer service, high-quality work related to transmission repair San Antonio, and their best rates, they will satisfy the car owners who contact them.

About Gene Browns Transmission
Gene Browns Transmission provides affordable services for repair, rebuild and replacement of transmissions of cars. They try to educate car owners about the importance of transmissions in cars also. They suggest replacement of transmission only if all the other avenues like repair and rebuilding may not yield the desired results.

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