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Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/07/2013 -- One of the very important components in a car is the Automotive Transmission without which the engine cannot control the power of driving the axles under different gears. The best transmission will help the engine perform rotations at various speeds. Imagine a car without the transmission and if the drivers had to go under a single gear? And that is why it is so important to get the transmissions fixed as and when they need a repair. At Transmission Repair Austin customers can get their transmissions repaired, rebuilt and replaced. They also undertake foreign transmission repairs be it a manual transmission or an automatic one.

The common problems of transmission are slipping gears and fluid leakage. These experts conduct an immediate diagnosis and take up the repair immediately. The signs of transmission repairs that car owners or drivers should look for are burning smell in the vehicle, shaking or buckling while in speed, slipping clutch, manual grinds while shifting gears, fluid leaking under the vehicle, trouble shifting gears, delay while reversing or driving, noise when the vehicle is in neutral and when the engine light is on.

When it comes to repair, the transmission repair Austin technicians would do all that they can to see that the vehicle is running smoothly. They have solutions to almost all the problems that a car would face. From common repairs like fluid leakage to complex replacements are handled by these experts. It is not that they would charge their customers inappropriately but charge them at affordable rates and that which are accurate to the service that they offer. Many times people hear from their technicians that the transmission needs to be replaced. But here they try to the maximum extent not to replace it but replace the rest of the parts. A rebuilt transmission is an ultimate solution that they offer thus reducing the replacement costs.

The Transmission Repair Austin Technicians are experts in treating all kinds of old, new, manual and automatic cars. Be it a local made vehicle or a foreign car, these experts know how to handle any car. It is very difficult to identify a problem in an automatic transmission whereas it is easy in a manual transmission because it is less technical in nature. However, these experts can diagnose a problem to the best of their ability and provide a repair solution in the fastest manner possible.

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Gene Brown’s AABCO Transmission, based at San Antonio, Texas is a car service company that specializes in Transmission Repair, Rebuilds and Replacement. They also undertake transmission work for both Manual and Automatic transmission in old, new and foreign cars. Apart from that they undertake all kinds of car repair services. They offer the best prices in the city and can be contacted by the customers for a free estimate. The customers can also avail special discounts through the in-house coupons on specific services.

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