GeneMe Skin Serum - World's First Genetically Customized Skin Serum


Chisinau, Moldova -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/19/2013 -- GeneMe® is the culmination of almost 20 years of research by top physicians and scientists that have discovered this incredible breakthrough in DNA research. It is the world’s first company that produces supplements customized to the DNA of each individual.

The company, after spending billions in research and tests, has come to understand the role and influence of SNP (single nucleotide polymorphisms) on our genes. The SNPs are minuscule versions of our genes that make them divert from proper functioning. In other words SNP alter the normal functions of our genes.

SNP are responsible for individual characteristics of one’s body like hair color and blood type, but also for deeper effects like protein production. It is widely known that proteins have long term effect of the way our bodies age and function.

GeneLink, the company that produces GeneMe Customized DNA Supplements, has developed methods of identification of one’s key SNPs and also they discovered the ability to “match” your SNPs to key nutrients that would diminish, balance and circumvent the effects of those SNPs, thus producing a genetic “makeup” which is exclusive to your own DNA.

Currently, the company has begun full production and can deliver GeneMe Skin Serum in almost any country of the world.

GeneLink explained the process of getting the Skin Serum as innovative and the way to order it is as follows:

- Submit your information online;

- The company, then mails you a DNA Assessment Kit;

- Use a cheek swab to collect a sample of your DNA;

- Send the DNA sample back to the company;

- The company priority mails your DNA customized serum!

The DNA sample that you send, will provide enough information for GeneMe Laboratories to identify your 5 key genes with SNPs that need balance and support. Since your genetics influences the way your skin ages, a unique customized skin serum for your own DNA is the key to real results.

The 5 ageing factors that are influenced by GeneMe Skin Serum are:

- Air Pollution

- Photoaging/age spots

- Skin Irritations

- Oxidation/free radical damage

- Wrinkles

GeneMe tests and find out which of the above factors needs improvement or balance and creates the skin serum to address your own skin’s needs!

For marketing purposes, GeneLink is offering its GeneMe Skin Serum on a trial base and with full money back guarantee.

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