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General 1 Medical Launches Revamped Website Devoted to Knee Pain Relief


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/15/2013 -- Current statistics denote at least half of the American population will develop osteoarthritis related knee pain by the age of 85. Medical research also predicts 66 percent of obese individuals are at risk for knee and hip pain pertaining to osteoarthritis. This condition is among the leading causes of disability in the United States. While many who are suffering from osteoarthritis are resorting to knee replacement surgery, a number of less invasive treatments are available. In an effort to educate patients regarding treatment options, General 1 Medical, PC has launched their newly redesigned website, which facilitates patient access to relevant pain treatment information, especially pain related to osteoarthritis of the knees.

Dr. Marina Feldman, MD, Director of Interventional Pain Management at General 1 Medical, explained, "Our Knee Pain Relief Office of NY is preventing hundreds of people from being forced to go under the knife and from spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary knee surgery expenses. According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), approximately 270,000 knee replacement operations are performed in the United States each year. We, at General 1 Medical, utilize a one of a kind, three-step protocol that is changing lives every day by helping people avoid painful and expensive knee replacement surgery. This fluoroscopically guided procedure ensures precision Hyalgan injections, to provide our NYC patients with more effective, immediate relief and a shorter recovery period. We receive numerous referrals from doctors and surgeons around New York to help patients avoid knee replacements due to osteoarthritis."

"Our new website, designed by Your Marketing Crew, LLC contains more than 40 pages dedicated to providing potential patients with highly informative content, including professionally produced videos," Dr. Feldman continued, "This content highlights the proven treatment protocols the office uses to treat conditions related to knee, back, shoulder, hip, elbow, hand and wrist pain. Patients are able to educate themselves and become comfortable with the numerous treatment options available. The most recent video explains exactly what osteoarthritis of the knee is, as well as offering a detailed explanation of the non-surgical procedure that has been most effective with relieving the pain."

New York City has its own official osteoarthritis knee pain specialist office that primarily focuses on helping people avoid knee surgery. Dr. Marina Feldman, MD has been fellowship trained in Interventional Pain Management at the prestigious Rush Institute in Chicago, and is Board Eligible in Anesthesiology.

About General 1 Medical, PC
As the largest office for osteoarthritis knee pain treatment in New York City, General 1 Medical is designed around Viscosupplementation for the knees. Using a breakthrough arthritis knee pain protocol, it is one of the leading offices for Hyalgan injections in NYC. They strive to administer minimally invasive, non-surgical procedures that provide immediate results, require little to no recovery time and are covered by most PPO insurance plans. The office is currently offering a Free MRI and X-ray review although some restrictions may apply.