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General English and IELTS/TOEFL Instructor Launches New Free eBook to Help Improve English Language Ability for Interested Individuals


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/06/2014 -- Shabab Haider, the brains behind the English tutorial community/website, has just published a new eBook entitled “200 Most Common Mistakes In English + 200 Most Commonly Misspelled Words” free of charge and is downloadable right from the online portal. The offer may expire anytime so he encourages his students and other interested individuals to take advantage as soon as possible.

More on the Book's Approach

The book is designed to teach in a fun way prepared in small tidbits of ready to use information and real-life example sentences to make it easy to digest and understand. The book helps IELTS or TOEFL takers and there are words for all levels of learners.

“As I have always been an advocate of the inductive teaching method, I only teach grammar when it's needed,” says Shabab when asked how his grammar lessons differ from other instructors.

The inductive method is a popular approach in teaching grammar so learners learn through their own grasp of a target language. This is done by first focusing on everyday sentences in the initial phase of the learning curve as what's presented in the new book. This will then take off from the very simple to the more complex lessons like reading and writing the English language.

The book focuses on very specific simple words and phrases to prepare students with more advanced topics.

Other Services

The site mainly offers online English language learning tutorials for busy professionals, advanced learners or even beginners and kids.

Fluency in the world's current lingua franca is now an in demand skill all over the world and as part of gushing forth the larger global economies and developing nations are actively investing and encouraging students to learn the international language of business in order to be successful in the global business environment. Most organizations nowadays, if not all, hire candidates with commendable English language speaking and writing ability. have designed lessons, structured at giving comprehensive practices in areas of reading, listening, and speaking to become fluent in English. They have programs that help students excel in IELTS [International English Language Testing System], TOEFL [Test Of English as a Foreign Language] plus accompanying online lessons through skype.

Spearheaded by an American English teacher with Canadian TESOL certification, Shabab Haider, the site helps prepare interested students for IELTS/TEOFL. He uses the inductive teaching method approach to facilitate a more holistic type of learning from simple to complex lessons in vocabulary and grammar. Haider has worked in several countries as an English language teacher, both in private and public schools while giving private lessons to willing adult students who want to improve their grasp of the language. He claims that his students jumped as much as 2 to 3 bands in IELTS and as much 30-40 points in TOEFL in as little as 72 Tutorial hours of being exposed to his teaching methods. They currently offer a free eBook which does exactly as what he preaches with inductive teaching by focusing on most common mistakes and most commonly misspelled words in American English. ImproveEng is short for Improve English which is the main thrust of Haider's services.

Shabab Haider
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