General Partition Company Inc.

General Partition Company, Inc. Designs and Manufactures Corrugated Box Partitions


Bristol, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/04/2019 -- For over five decades, General Partition Company, Inc, has been helping businesses across the United States to protect their products during shipping processes. The company manufactures a range of corrugated partitions and supplies them to hundreds of companies throughout the United States. Partitions are a durable alternative to flimsy packaging options such as bubble and paper wrapping. They offer full protection for individual items that may be traveling long distances using different methods of transportation.

For both business-to-business and business-to-consumer companies, product safety is paramount, especially when delivering fragile or small objects that are at risk of sustaining damage during shipping. Corrugated box partitions provide an extra layer of support for boxes that may be stacked on top of one another, helping to avoid any items being crushed or smashed beneath the weight of other products.

For items such as medical supplies, corrugated box dividers also offer protection from cross-contamination as they divide boxes into partitioned sections. Additionally, if items are hard to count, the custom sectioning and categorization that box dividers provide can make it easy for suppliers and recipients to calculate stock levels immediately upon delivery.

General Partition Company, Inc. can include optional features in its corrugation partitions subject to client preferences. These include directional notches or corner cuts which can be added into the partitions prior to packaging. These features make it easier to pack the box partitions into cartons before the products are stored inside them. For more information, click here to visit the General Partition Company, Inc.'s website today.

About General Partition Company, Inc.
General Partition Company, Inc. is a Bucks County, Pennsylvania-based organization providing durable and versatile box partitions for a wide variety of implementations. They manufacture partitions comprised of chipboard, corrugated cardboard and Solid Bleach Sulfite (SBS).

General Partition Company, Inc. also has services to assist businesses plan and engineer intelligent shipping solutions using their box partitions. Their delivery services have a reputation for being fast and reliable. They also accommodate special orders like unique labeling. Reach General Partition Company, Inc. by phone nationwide at 888-501-4685.

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