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With more than five million of photos being posted in Instagram everyday, how would one set his materials apart? Increasing profile visibility on Instagram is a challenge for some, especially to those who are not aware of the tricks and proper ways of engaging their audience.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/17/2014 -- Instagram, attracting hundreds of millions of users everyday, is now popularly used to leverage the promotion of brands and businesses. Seeing the world has never been this easy via the photos and videos shared in Instagram.

For someone who is merely starting to use Instagram to promote a business, what are they keys in getting a number of followers and likes? What are the effective ways to better engage an audience?

Hashtags= Make Your Business Discoverable. Using popular tags would make the photos and videos that one posted in Instagram be popular. Hashtags can include subject matter, image type, location, and other stuff that would fascinate the audience.

Instagram’s Sister is Facebook. As of this writing, there are 20% of Instagram users who are also in Facebook and are likely sharing the same posts on both. This increases the number of your audience base in Instragram.

The Wonders of Liking and Commenting. There is but a certain power when one interacts with other people in social media sites. Liking and commenting in certain posts would yield more likes and comments on one’s own posts. Commenting on other people’s posts, in particular, would help one’s Instagram account to have more followers.

Know the Elements of One’s Posts. When posting something on Instagram, make sure that the posts contain elements that would drive engagement from users. Research and understand what people are most likely to check when they check their Instagram accounts. Images relevant to people’s lifestyles such as homes, fancy cars, and living an elegant life are examples of these elements.

The 5PM PST Habit. Instagram analytics revealed that the best time to post any photo or video on Instagram would be every Monday at 5PM PST. It is when a post would get the most number of likes and comments. Other schedules where postings can generate more interactions would be every Wednesday or Thursday at 3PM PST. Statistics also revealed that any post would yield the most number of comments and likes on the first three hours that it is being posted. Beyond three hours, there is a lesser probability that the post would gain any impact on the audience.

Using Instagram the right way would help boost businesses as those interacting in Instagram help in recommending and sharing one’s business with others. The more interaction one gets in Instagram, the more traffic is being driven to that person’s/ business’ website which in turn would increase sales.

Businesses compete with other businesses to be noticed. One economical way of sharing businesses via Instagram is to buy real Instagram followers that would help in influencing a number of followers who can then help promote the products and services to other people. Premium Viral Promo is one website that facilitates this service. PremiumViralPromo will add 1000, 2500, up to 5000 targeted Instagram Followers to any person or business who signed for an account with them.

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