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Generator-Pro Powers Zambia's Upcoming Election

Electoral Committee of Zambia partners with Generator-PRO to provide reliable electricity source for voting stations


Oxford, Oxfordshire -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2015 -- Excitement is brewing across the country for Zambia's next election. Zambia is one of the only countries on the Continent where competitive, multi-party elections are the standard and peaceful transitions from one government to the next are the norm. Zambia is recognized internationally for the effective administration of democratic elections.

The country boasts a highly professional and externally validated polling process, which is the responsibility of the Electoral Committee of Zambia. The Committee is mandated to ensure that citizens who are eligible to vote have the freedom and opportunity to elect candidates to represent them. The Committee continues to find ways to strengthen the process, and one objective is to increase voter registration and voter turnout.

Zambia is 20% larger than France, where approximately 56% of the population of 15 million lives outside of urban areas. The distribution of the population beyond urban centres can make it difficult for individuals to get to the polls to vote, and even to collect their voter ID. In response to this challenge, the Electoral Committee of Zambia has been setting up a network of over one thousand stations across the country for registration.

These stations are equipped with computers, which are connected to the voter registration database. Now, Zambians who live in rural areas will easily be able to go to a station, conveniently complete their voter registration process, and receive a voter ID.

The Electoral Commission of Zambia Public Relations Officer, Raphael Phiri said in an interview with the Lusaka Times, "the Commission will register new voters, remove deceased persons from the register, transfer voters on application from one polling station to the other and replace destroyed or lost voter's cards," He went on to say, "Every person shall be qualified for registration as a voter who is a citizen of Zambia, has attained the age of 18 years as at July 2016 and is in possession of a national registration card."

The Committee trusted Generator PRO to equip these centres with reliable power using the great value Kraft Hertz KH3000 Petrol Generator. Generator PRO specialises in generators, including petrol generators, which are top quality and its production lines and offices span from the United Kingdom to Germany, China to India. Lack of reliable electricity in remote areas is a common challenge, and Generator PRO works with partners in Africa to set up comprehensive solutions quickly and effectively. Their Research and Development Department is working to develop even more advanced, cost-effective products to better address energy needs in the long run.

Among its competitors, Generator PRO is a smaller company that can provide quality equipment at a lower price with a flexibility to tailor their services to meet the needs of their partners. The company prides itself on exceptional customer experience for an individual in Wales who is purchasing an 80 GBP generator for back up power at their home and for governments who need to supply power to millions of people across an entire country.

Generator PRO CEO Ben Artzi was in Zambia to deliver the generators and he remarked, "It's been a privilege working with the Electoral Committee of Zambia on the infrastructure for the upcoming election. It's an exciting time for the country and we are pleased that Generator PRO was chosen to facilitate the voting process for hundreds of thousands of Zambians. We look forward to future cooperation with the Zambian government to meet its energy needs."

The partnership with the Zambia government embodies the future of Generator PRO in Africa and its commitment to deliver reliable energy solutions for both institutions and individual residents.

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