Generator Specialist Protecting Businesses Following Worrying OFGEM Findings


Andover, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/19/2015 -- As OFGEM releases findings indicating that the National Grid will be providing some of the lowest levels of power in recent years this winter, shentongroup is educating organizations across the country on how they can take better control of their own power supplies.

Ofgem's report reveals a 2015-16 provisional forecast of the effective 'safety buffer' between peak electricity demand and available power supplies falling to as low as 1.2 per cent this winter. This is the lowest level since 2005, a level said to be declining as older, environmentally unsound coal power stations are taken offline at a rate quicker than replacement gas, wind and solar alternatives can be put into commission.

The National Grid is not being completely complacent though and has prepared emergency measures aimed to counter potential blackouts, including; paying factories to switch lights out between 4pm and 8pm on weekdays and also paying older coal power stations to remain in operation. However, this does not appear to be sufficiently significant and does not alleviate the risk to companies that rely on continuous power.

Expanding its market share over recent months and having newly opened offices in London, shentongroup provides organizations across the UK with a number of solutions that ensure they stay in business, maintaining continual operations and keeping data, property and people safe and well. shentongroup are experts in standby power, uninterruptible power supplies and combined heat and power systems and the company is helping more and more organizations to assert their independence from the National Grid, as well as saving money and lowering their carbon footprint.

About Shentongroup
shentongroup provides larger organizations with Combined Heat and Power Systems that operate on natural gas and other greener fuels, generating cheaper electricity and making additional savings by channeling the resulting heat into heating and hot water supplies. Therefore, CHP systems are ideal for organizations that use large volumes of hot water, including; government buildings, universities, hospital and hotels.

For smaller organizations that choose not to invest in their own generators, the company's Power Call service delivers a fully working generator onsite within the hour, guaranteed within three hours and with a record of just twenty three minutes.

With winter fast approaching, organizations wishing to learn more about protecting themselves, their date and their clients against the risk of blackouts this winter should visit

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