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San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/03/2014 -- Nowadays, most Portable Generator Reviews and websites are exactly the same; one look at them and one can easily tell that they have been made only to promote specific brands. And these sites all review the same units, describing the exact same features and specifics – they’re all the same. However, Ray Bolger’s (not the actor) new website makes sure that people looking to buy a portable generator are able to make informed decisions.

Once one has decided that they need a portable generator (and not a standby or solar generator), one can read articles to decide which kind of portable generator will best suit their needs. Many popular questions will be answered. For example, why should people run their generator on gas, propane or diesel? Or why do certain models deserve the accolades they are getting and are they worth the price? People will find out why inverter generators, like the Yamaha ef2000 are rapidly gaining popularity. Once users visit the website, they will keep coming back for more.

There are a variety of portable generator models reviewed on the website in an unbiased and objective manner. Details on the important aspects of a generator have been covered. The generator reviews range from the popular 7500 watt Westinghouse wh7500e down to the smaller 2000 watt units, with equal impartiality. The reviews have been penned down keeping one thing in mind; the belief that an informed customer will automatically result in a happy customer who is able to decide for himself/herself.

The real value is in the many different articles on the website that cover a number of different topics. These articles include the safe use of a generator, what type of extension cords to use, charts that compare popular models currently on the market, how to determine the generator size that best suits the customer’s needs and how to find the quietest generator. There is even basic information on how a generator works and the basics of understanding electricity.

Ray feels that in order to truly make a generator purchase, one needs to educate themselves and that is what his website is for.

About is a website that was formed on the principle or belief that knowledge is power, even when the power is to be demonstrated in a shopping mall. Thus, the website concentrates on informing readers on the best and most popular generators on the market by publishing reviews and articles on the subject.

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