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Genius Java Shown to Restore Memory


Des Moines, IA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2016 -- Steven Vegors, an Iowa-based engineer has been overwhelmed by the amazing response his invention Genius Java has received from people, who have looking for a safe and effective method of restoring memory, improving focus and enhancing brain power. Thousands of users have reported that the new coffee for K-cup machines has helped them boost memory, mental clarity and energy levels.

"I knew I had a unique and effective product. I just didn't expect this much demand", said Steven Vegors. He's an Iowa engineer who invented Genius Java — a brand new brain boosting coffee for K-cup machines. "The orders just keep flooding in. We've had to increase production three times to keep up with the demand."

The claims of the product and the reports by the users have also been backed by clinical results that were more than 30,000 participants showing that drinking one or two cups daily and regularly has resulted in better brain fog and foggy memory. Even seniors who regularly used Genius Java said that it helped them keep their memory "as sharp as a tack". Poor memory and forgetfulness is a common problem especially for those who have reached a certain age, people in their 50's tend to experience a slowdown of brain function which affects their memory retention, mental clarity and focus. Genius Java has been especially effective for older people. Now, people in their 70's, 80's and even 90's are staying mentally sharp as a tack, focused and brain fog-free, by simply drinking a delicious new coffee.

"I discovered something shocking in my research", said Vegors. "Doctors have shown that when levels of a certain brain nutrient start to drop, you can have memory problems. It also affects your ability to concentrate and stay focused. If you don't regularly supply your brain with this nutrient, 'mental fog' starts to set in. It can even become permanent."

The secret to Genius Java's effectiveness and success is its vital nutrient rich formulations that it feeds the brain with the nutrients it needs to support a healthy memory. Vegors' research allowed him to identify the problem that was causing the problem in the first place, a recent discovery by doctors and researchers uncovered encouraging news for people over 50 that brain fog and memory problems are not actually brain problems. Rather, they are a direct result of deficiency of Vitamin B12, which the Genius Java is able to deliver.

About Genius Java
Genius Java is a "super coffee" developed by Iowa-based engineer and inventor Steven Vegors. For more information, please visit:

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