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Genotyping Assay Market Statistics Facts and Figures 2019

The global genotyping assay market was valued at over US$ 7 Bn. in 2017 and is expected to grow at a double digit CAGR during the forecasted period.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/17/2019 -- Market Definition: Genotyping Assay Market

? Genotyping is a technology that detects small genetic differences that may lead to major changes in phenotype, including physical differences that make us unique and pathological changes that can cause underlying disease. Genotyping determines differences in genetic complements by comparing a DNA sequence to that of another sample or a reference sequence and identifies small variations in genetic sequence within populations. However it should be noted that due to the current technological limitations, almost all genotyping is partial. It means that only a small fraction of an individual's genotype is determined.

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? The global Genotyping Assay market is segmented by product & services, technique, end user, and region. The product and service segment is further segmented into Kits, reagents, Instruments and services. However, kits and reagents account for the largest market share in the following segment owing to development of personalized medicine as well as rise in genetic disorders. The technique segment can be further classified into PCR, sequencing and Electrophoresis. PCR accounts for the largest share in this segment due to the rise in PCR Technology. The End-User can be segmented into Diagnostics and Research Laboratories, Pharmaceuticals and Bio-Tech Companies. The pharmaceutical and Bio-tech companies dominate this segment with the largest share due to the fact that there is an increasing need for development of personalized medicines to counter the growing diseases related to genetic disorders.

Market drivers: Genotyping Assay Market
? The increasing genetic disorders
? The technological advancements in the genomic area
Market Restraints: Genotyping Assay Market
? The stringent regulatory policies
Key Developments: Genotyping Assay Market
The genotyping assay market is accelerating at a huge growth circle that promises a potential for diversified career opportunities.
Increasing R&D activities by the major players
Companies are taking R&D initiatives for the developments of innovative products to cater to the growing demands of the population. For instance, Fluidigm Corporation introduced Juno 96.96 Genotyping IFC, a product that analyzes huge number of DNA samples for the Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) in a very short time span.Moreover, genomics service is also provided by RTSF Genomics Core at Michigan State University, that offers genotyping service and technologies.
Key players in the global genotyping assay market are Thermo Fisher Scientific, Illumina, QIAGEN, Agilent Technologies, Danaher Corporation, Roche Diagnostics, GE Healthcare, Fluidigm Corporation, PerkinElmer, Eurofins Scientific, Bio-Rad Laboratories, Pacific Biosciences of California, GENEWIZ, and Integrated DNA Technologies
Genotyping Assay Market Growth
The global genotyping assay market is propelled by a number of factors. One among them is the increase in the number of genetic diseases all around the world. Following that is the general awareness regarding personalized medicine all around the world especially in the developed regions of the world. According to the Parkinson's Foundation, more than 60 thousand people are diagnosed with the major genetic disorder, Parkinson's disease in the U.S. every year. Moreover, the number is expected to reach 1 million by 2020

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