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GenTarget Announces Availability of Pre-Made Expression Lentivirus

Lentivirus targets include human and mouse ORFs


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/24/2013 -- San Diego based biotech firm GenTarget Inc has announced the availability of a wide selection of pre-made expression lentivirus targets for use by researchers. GenTarget’s services include design, construction and packaging of high quality materials, as well as cell expression, cloning and generation.

Lentiviruses are used by researchers to introduce gene products to cells, typically in in vitro or in vivo animal targets, for research and study of applications such as gene therapy and RNA interference. The delicate nature of these studies calls for high quality materials delivered in a timely manner. GenTarget’s lentivirus pre-made expression service gives researchers access to precisely crafted lentivirus materials with a fast turnaround time to help insure the integrity of research and results. The firm offers a wide variety of lentivirus products to suit a wide range of research needs, including lentivirus solutions for human and mouse ORFs.

GenTarget, Inc. designs sequences according to the customer’s needs, constructs clones, and generates .5mL packages of ready-to-use shRNA lentivirus material. The firm also provides over-expression services based on the customer’s desired target templates with options that include specific promoters, selection markers, fluorescent-target fusion, and 6His-tag at N-term or C-term for the target. In addition, the firm offers virus packaging according to the customer’s lentiviral expression vector for a pre-made, ready-to-use virus with the best possible titer.

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Based in San Diego, California, GenTarget, Inc. is a leading biotech firm specializing in lentiviral technology and development. The firm provides high quality materials and services that researchers can rely on for precision, accuracy and quality.