GODN Entertainment Joins Forces with SMG Global Network, Releases the 16 States Worldwide

Gentlemen of Distinguished Nature Entertainment join one of the largest major independent entertainment company, SMG Global Network, and together release their latest album titled The 16 States Worldwide.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2013 -- Gentlemen of Distinguished Nature Entertainment is pleased to become part of SMG Global Network, joining forces while anticipating potential success from their latest project titled 16 States Worldwide.

World’s third largest major independent entertainment company SMG Global Network plans to began working with GODN Entertainment, which specializes in marketing and promoting mostly within the entertainment industry. With the release of latest album The 16 States Worldwide, this may become the first of what could be numerous future projects among the two companies.

SMG Global Network looks forwards to a future with GODN Entertainment. According to the members of SMG Global Network, they “are proud and excited to release The 16 States Worldwide and welcome GODN Entertainment to the SMG Global Network family.”

“GODN Entertainment is very focused, successful, and has a great opportunity to be a major player in the Industry today, and we are excited that GODN Entertainment has chosen SMG Global Network as home,” SMG Global Network Vice President Nation Roper said.

Described as “a strong force when it comes to marketing and promoting fashion, entertainment, and production services” GODN Entertainment boasts of the sale of over 100,000 albums under their name, an urban edgy flavor to their music, and an urban clothing line that far exceeded any expectations. Maintaining a positive and productive movement, they have created a huge global buzz from working with several nationally acclaimed artists such Lil’ Scrappy and Big D (Nappy Roots). Several artists who currently record for GODN Entertainment include JELLY ROLL (Tennessee), T-Man(Alabama), KK (Atlanta), SMILEY G (Florida), G-SLICK (Colorado), Dirt (Mississippi) , Ryan Tarrell (Missouri), DAT BOY (Arkansas), (1st LADY Of G.O.D.N. ENT.) NINA ROSS (Tennessee) & TRIGGA G (Michigan)

In addition to joining forces with SMG Global Network for the release of album 16 States Worldwide, they are also overseeing the 17 track compilation, Governor’s Choice Project, released earlier this year.

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SMG Global Network is the third largest major independent entertainment company globally. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, you may contact them at (818) 754-7602.

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