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Geomembranes Market – Survey on Global Application 2025

Geomembranes display a host of physical, chemical, and mechanical resistance properties that are useful to protect the environment and water resources.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/04/2019 -- Global Geomembranes Market: Snapshot

Geomembranes are used over concrete, compacted clay, and asphalt due to their efficacy. Geomembranes display a host of physical, chemical, and mechanical resistance properties that are useful to protect the environment and water resources. Geomembranes of superior quality are less susceptible to ground movement and are considered to be more economical and safer for a majority of applications.

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Composition-wise, geomembrane are plastic sheets that are used within soils as a waterproof barrier. They generally do not keep close contact with the underlying material in their lifetime.

Geomembranes find a number of applications in environmental, hydraulic, geotechnical, transportation, and private development applications. Geomembrane liners have numerous agricultural applications, and it can overlap into lagoons, canals, and irrigation ponds. The application of Geomembrane liner can extend beyond containment purposes.
Common agricultural applications of geomembranes include holding potable water, hydroponics, tank and cistern liners, protection of livestock from sun and incremental weather, keeping grain and/or aggregate dry, aquaculture, greenhouse covers, and protecting farm equipment.

Furthermore, geomembranes are used as water barrier application, wherein they hardscapes and landscapes from subterranean water movement. It is also used as bamboo barrier application. While bamboo makes an ideal garden plant and spread fast to provide beauty and privacy, however, if left unchecked can spread wildly and become a nuisance. This needs to be prevented using bamboo barrier.  Geomembranes are also ideal in the construction of golf course to separate greens from intruding grass and clay soils.

Geomembranes are generally of two types based on stress – flexible and nonflexible or semi crystalline. Flexible geomembranes possess significantly higher strain resistance characteristics over semicrystalline geomembranes. The best known semi crystalline geomembrane is HDPE.

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Global Geomembranes Market: Overview 

Geomembranes are thin sheets of synthetic material that provide a barrier to the movement of water, fluids, and other soluble materials due to their very low permeability. They are extensively used for solid waste management, water containment, and mining applications. 

Geomembranes are manufactured with the impregnation of geotextiles with asphalt, elastomers, or multilayered bitumen geocomposites. 

Global Geomembranes Market: Key Trends 

The repair and reconstruction of roads in several parts of the world is the primary factor boosting the growth of geomembranes market. Geomembranes are the foundation of asphalt layovers as they are useful for holding the soil together, thereby benefitting the lifespan of roads. 

Geomembranes are increasingly being used in drainage applications, thereby benefitting the market's growth. This is because the low permeability of geomembranes allows water to flow seamlessly obstructing the flow of sediments as desired in drainage systems. 

Geomembranes display properties of low hydraulic activity. This is resulting in their increased use in landfills for their low seepage rate attributes. With the increasing number of landfills for dumping of solid waste, the geomembranes market is benefitted. Moreover, increasing use of geomembranes for mining applications will extend new opportunities to the market's growth. 

Global Geomembranes Market: Market Potential 

In present times, with go-green being the mantra for sustainable growth practically across all business sectors, geomembranes follow suit. In a breakthrough development, geomembranes containment system go green in terms of appearance while retaining its functional properties. 

GSE Environmental has entered into a strategic alliance with LiteEarth LLC to distribute synthetic grass capping system for mining waste containment sites, landfills, and other sites that require long-term stoppage and containment. It has a grass-like appearance that improves aesthetics along with the needed protection. 
Trade named as LiteEarth, the system comprises an artificial turf layer bonded to the bottom synthetic/EPDM layer. The artificial turf is synthesized of a woven polyproplylene base tufted with polyethylene filament to imitate natural grass. The artificial turf structure is coated on an EPDM bottom layer that functions as the containment layer. 

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Global Geomembranes Market: Regional Outlook 

Asia Pacific is expected to emerge as a major market for geomembranes. The extensive infrastructural development coupled with the introduction of innovative geomembranes for drainage applications is anticipated to benefit the growth of this regional market. 

Europe is expected to be among the dominant markets for geomembranes in the coming years. The launch of "New Road Construction Concepts (NR2C)" organized by the Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories along with the European Commission have charted mega restoration works. This includes repair and reconstruction of roadways, railways, bridges, and other infrastructure in several countries of the region. These factors are expected to benefit the growth of the geomembranes market in the region. Moreover, in Europe, the maintenance of highly developed infrastructure along with initiatives for promoting vegetation growth also benefits the regional market's growth. 
North America is expected to be a small contributor to the global geomembranes market due to a developed infrastructure and fewer new road construction projects underway. Nonetheless, geomembranes are used considerably to curb soil erosion in the substantial number of water bodies in the region. 

The Rest of the World region geomembranes market will be benefitted because of road improvement projects underway and improvement of the transport sector. 

Global Geomembranes Market: Competitive Landscape 

Some of the leading companies operating in the global geomembranes market include GSE Environmental LLC, Agru America Inc., NAUE GmbH & Co. KG, Colorado Lining International Inc., Carthage Mills, Officine Maccaferri, Nilex Inc., and Juta A.S. among others. 

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